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Springfield’s SOGI Ordinance and Your Children

If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, or neighbors with children read this post.  The SOGI ordinance will unleash terror on your children, families and community. 


According to the MCHRCR (Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations) Strategic Plan, your children are in their crosshairs.  With the collaboration of Promo (a radical LGBT activist organization), they want to instruct your children on what is right and wrong regarding their sexuality and religion – in other words, diversity conditioning classes and political correctness.


I want to highlight # 11 of the executive summary of this document:

“Collaborate with the city of Springfield schools to teach about diversity within the schools and help create a safe environment for all school aged children (K–12) within the community.”


The details on page 21 under Goals-Coordination with Schools section 5.1 ActiAction 5.1


“Collaborate with the city of Springfield schools to teach about diversity

within the schools and help create a safe environment for all school aged

children (K-12) within the community.


Activities would include all school aged children (public, private, home




The children are the future of a community. By partnering with all

schools and sponsoring activities for all school aged children (as the MLK

essay contest), the MCHRCR will assist with diversity issues.

Such partnerships will increase sensitivity in the community by educating

children about values and concerns of diverse groups (their norms and

customs) through various educational methods: training, workshops,

articles, cultural events, etc.

To foster open lines of communication, trust, and acknowledgement to

all community members as equal and viable members of the Springfield


Help to keep from losing our talent to other more open regions.

Stimulate growth and not be stagnant to new ideas.

It is necessary to recognize the value of “social capital” to encourage

and retain diversity within the community.

Responsible Agency: MCHRCR.

Coordination: Springfield R-12, private school in Springfield, home school



Any further comments on my part are not necessary. The document speaks for itself.

Just show up at City Hall Oct. 13 at 6:30.  YOUR PRESENCE IS YOUR VOICE!

The Defining Moment for the Church in Springfield, MO


This is an urgent appeal regarding the SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) ordinance. 

Springfield, MO has been targeted by PROMO (an LBGT advocacy group) in close coordination with the MCHRHR (Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations) to radically transform Springfield by making it illegal for Christians to practice our religion outside of the church building.

In a recent incident in Lexington, Kentucky, the Human Rights Council (their version of the MCHRCR) investigated a Christian owned screen-printing company due to their unwillingness to print T-shirts for a gay pride event.   According to Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt, Munson (presumably a member of Lexington’s Humans Rights Commission), ruled that ‘’Hands On Originals must accept orders to print T-shirts or other products that bear messages advocating for homosexuality, and mandated the company to undergo diversity training… ‘The respondent is permanently enjoined from discriminating against individuals because of their actual or imputed sexual orientation or gender identity. The respondent is ordered to participate in diversity training to be conducted by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission within 12 months of the issuance of this order.

Unless we speak now this type of repression is coming to Springfield, MO. Now is the time for Christians to stand up before Springfield makes it institutionally illegal for Christians to practice our religion in the marketplace.

I strongly urge you to send emails and faxes to the Mayor and City Council to vote no on Council Bill 2014-189 and 2014-189S1, and more importantly, show up at City Hall Monday on Oct. 13 and let your voice be heard.  Remember, YOUR PRESENCE IS YOUR VOICE and YOUR PRESENCE IS GOD’S VOICE.

We have a special request that pastors all over Springfield and the surrounding area encourage your congregation from the pulpit and by email to show up at City Hall, and let your presence speak for Springfield and the kingdom of God.

Springfield’s Christian Suppression Law

The MCHRCR (Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Public Relations) has set themselves up for a major power grab.  They’re in most cities and large towns throughout America. Their main objective in the name of equality is to criminalize Christianity in the name of diversity and tolerance.  Their next most important objective is to move the boundaries of property rights, liberty and of course free speech.  I’m posting the Executive Summary of the MCHRCR Strategic Plan to help paint the picture.  Please pay close attention to #6,7,8,11,20,21.

(Link to the entire document)

Executive Summary of Actions:

1. Continue membership and meet regularly with related groups such as the Regional

Executive Council on Civil Rights (RECCR) and the Missouri Association for Social

Welfare (MASW).

2. Serve as the liaison to City Council for the number of not for profit

agencies/organizations in Springfield. The Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and

Community Relations (MCHRCR) will report to the Mayor and City Council periodically.

3. Create public information/outreach initiatives for the community.

4. Coordinate the development of an effective MCHRCR web presence.

5. Collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce, the Governor’s Council on Disability, and

the USBLN affiliate groups in Kansas City and St. Louis, to encourage the establishment

of a local affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN), A local USBLN affiliate will not only help find ways to

encourage a more diverse business community, but also help our Springfield businesses

to succeed.

6. Require all business license recipients in the City of Springfield have certification from

the MCHRCR, following the example of Kansas City.

7. Inform any public entity when members of the community report infringement of

human rights or mutual respect.

8. The MCHRCR will publicly recognize through award presentation the businesses and

individuals in Springfield who model best practices regarding diversity and human rights


9. Serve as the designated agency, recognized by HUD, to affirmatively further fair


10. Strongly recommend that the City of Springfield establish a housing trust fund in


11. Collaborate with the city of Springfield schools to teach about diversity within the

schools and help create a safe environment for all school aged children (K–12) within

the community.

12. Create a safety-buddy system/safe haven that all individuals in crisis can use for help.

13. Add sexual orientation and gender identity protections to the Springfield

ordinances/policies dealing with employment, fair housing and public accommodation.

14. Advocate for and advise city council to adopt a city ordinance including universal

design principles/features in all newly built and rehabilitated affordable housing units

funded by HUD monies, the Missouri Housing Development Education Funds, and a

future city housing trust fund.

15. Advocate for and advise city council that a city ordinance require universal design

features in any Springfield public facility. These UD features should go beyond the ADA


requirements and enhance the usability and participation of all citizens regardless of

age or ability.

16. Advocate for and recommend to the city to hire a full-time ADA Coordinator. This

Coordinator needs to also have knowledge in how universal design principles can be

used in construction, policy development, and service delivery.

17. The Commission will review the city’s emergency disaster plan to make certain that all

emergency services are equitably distributed within the community.

18. Track and make known the changing diverse population found within the Springfield


19. Coordinate efforts with other agencies who work with the disenfranchised members of

our community, as homeless, runaway youth, dislocated families.

20. Take the necessary steps to become a state certified Human Rights Commission through

the State of Missouri Human Rights Commission and establish the City of Springfield

Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations ordinance as

substantially equivalent according to Missouri State Statutes section RSMo 213.131.1.

21. Review the current City of Springfield ordinance and City of Springfield Charter to

change the current Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations

powers from an advisory board to an administrative board.

22. Take action to amend the current Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community

Relations city ordinance to be consistent with applicable local government and state

laws and regulations.

23. Review and update the current City of Springfield policy on Disadvantage Businesses-

Minority Business Enterprise Program in accordance to applicable State and Federal

laws and regulations.

Rushefsky Wants Proof


Councilwomen Cindy Rushefsky ridiculed the ideal that transgenders aren’t taking advantage their gender identity.  I want to give just a few examples that are well documented with links to the reports.

Just because she didn’t experience this problem in her years of prosecuting doesn’t mean it never happened.  If a tree falls in the woods; yes it did make a sound.

  1. March      2014, Toronto: A man claiming to be a woman is jailed after gaining      access to a women’s shelter and prey on two women.
  2. September      2006, Sydney: Government officials are made aware of a male sexual      predator posing as a female to be imprisoned with women. He subsequently      assaulted and impregnated at least one female inmate. Speaking of – has      Sheriff Arnott been asked about how he feels knowing that if passed as/is,      the potential for “inter-mingling” inmates?
  3. March      2012, Dallas: Paul Witherspoon, a registered sex offender, is ticketed      for using a women’s restroom after becoming “Paula”, a      transgender.
  4. 2010      and 2012, British Columbia: Being accused of sexually      assaulting 60 girls, convicted felon and repeat sex offender Matthew      Harks becomes a transgender in prison. If the SOGI Law is passed in      Springfield, Mr/Ms Harks would not be prohibited from using a women’s      restroom.
  5. April      2014, San Fransisco: Women’s Rights, Transgender Rights, Twitter      engineer and transgender, Dana McCallum is charged with five felonies that      include rape, false imprisonment, and is also charged with domestic      violence.
  6. September      2013, Oklahoma City: Christopher T. Gard waits inside a women’s      restroom until a young girl comes inside, he locks the door, and while the      girls hear her screams while she is held at gunpoint and choked. Gard was      wearing only a pair of women’s panties.
  7. August      2013, Marion County, AR: Sexual predator Carl Dahn is arrested after      being dressed in women’s clothing and sexually soliciting himself to what      he thought was an underage girl, but was instead an undercover police      officer.

May 2013, Detroit: Transgender Sean Gossman is charged with child pornography after federal police uncovered a thumb drive linked to him with incriminating evidence.


Calvin Morrow

SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Action Points

To the Church of Springfield and surrounding areas,

We should act and act now in regards to the City Council’s SOGI (Sexual orientation and Gender Identity) ordinance.

  • This ordinance has a triggering mechanism that by law confers power to the MCHRCR (Mayors Commission of Human Rights and Community Relations); which grants them power to license all businesses to have a certification from the MCHRCR.  The MCHRCR is an unelected extreme left leaning that has a well-established track record of being hostile towards Christians in the name of protecting those in the LGBT community.
  • In many places where the SOGI ordinance has passed Christians are terrorized with lawsuits.  Printing businesses, wedding planners, wedding facilities, florists and bakeries are usually the first targets.
  • The MCHRCR will have the authority to collaborate with schools to teach diversity within the schools k-12 (The MCHRCR Strategic Plan includes private schools and homeschoolers).
  • The MCHRCR will be empowered to set up a reporting mechanism that they alone control which amounts to a snitch program.  They will not only be reporting human rights infringements, but mutual respect infringements.  Mutual respect is extremely broad and vague language which makes everyone a potential violator for simply having a different opinion.
  • This ordinance will grant a defense to male sex offenders who claim they have a female “gender identity” and use that as a pretense for entering women’s bathrooms, showers, and shelters.

Why should we act?

  • To retain the right to freely exercise our religion.
  •  Your children, businesses, neighbors and property rights are all targets of this ordinance.

How to act

  • Call the mayor and councilmen and women and recruit five friends to demand that they vote up or down.  Let there be no tabling, no further studying, no abstaining and or delays.  State that you prefer a no vote.   Tell them that if this ordinance passes there will be a referendum on the ballot and it will pass.  State emphatically that this council and the unelected MCHRCR will be responsible for costing this city an estimated 1-1/2 million dollars.
  • Send an email, fax, and a hand written letter to each councilman.  Do at least one item or all.
  • Show up at the council meeting on Oct. 13, 6:30 at 830 N. Boonville, and bring five friends.  RECRUIT! RECRUIT!  Your presence is your voice!!

Do something and do it today!  You were born for such a time as this.  The governor Nehemiah placed the heads of each household in front of the broken walls where their house once existed, and told them to defend their families and property.  In the name of God almighty I appeal for you to do the same. 

Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

CUPA (Christians Uniting For Political Action)

888-832-4316 office

417-343-3091 cell

Springfield Citizens United: Press Release October 6, 2014

On October 13, 2014, Springfield, Missouri, City Council will decide whether or not to include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the list of protected classes under the City Code.
In light of this, several organizations in the Springfield Community, both political and religious, have organized as Springfield Citizens United (SCU) to promote education on this matter and to expend all efforts to influence the City Council to vote no on this ill-conceived law.
If this Ordinance is passed it will have a detrimental effect on the Springfield community and its economy. Because of extremist political agendas from outside Springfield, this law will require wedding photographers and others in the wedding services industry to participate in and promote same sex ceremonies, even when doing so violates their conscience and religious convictions. It will place senior citizens who rent rooms in their homes at risk of losing them if they follow their religious convictions and decline to rent to people ‘living together.’ Non-compliance can result in thousand dollar fines and six months in jail simply for trying to live consistently with one’s faith.
Further, this law will open the door for biological males, including heterosexual sexual predators, to legally use women’s restrooms in restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping outlets inside the City of Springfield.
This proposed Ordinance tramples freedom, discriminates against people of faith, and places women and girls at risk. Springfield Citizens United strongly encourages Springfield City Council to vote no on Council Bill 2014-189, and tell the extremists promoting agendas against Springfield values that our community will not allow our safety and rights to be trumped in exchange for radical ideals.
Any vote to pass this Ordinance will be met with staunch opposition, and the citizens of this community will repeal this Ordinance through a referendum petition and a vote of the people.
SCU Board
Calvin Morrow – Spokesman, Christians United for Political Action
Dr. John Lilly, Locke and Smith Foundation
Dr. Wm. Scott Magill, 7th District Missouri Republican Assembly
Nicholas B. Ibarra, Live Free Springfield
Michael Tull
Contact: Calvin Morrow, 417.343.3091

Springfield Beware!

Most Christian and freedom lovers in Springfield Missouri aren’t aware of the evil plot against them.  The Mayor and City Council under the direction and influence of the MCHRCR (Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations) are shifting the playing field in regards to free speech and property rights.

Both bills are equally dangerous, because both will grant powers to the MCHRCR that do not currently exist.  This organization is an extreme left wing group with a proven track record of being hostel towards the Church and property rights.

They are using one of the main tactics of the art of war; divide and conquer.  By virtue of bringing up the SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) ordinance they have created an argument that did not exist.  Furthermore with the aid of the local media they have set the narrative of, the LGBT community as the victims and the Christians as the aggressors.

Trust me this is not about the rights of the LGBT community.  They are using this as a Trojan horse to unleash hell on Springfield.

Everyone should read the Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights Strategic Plan; your jaw will drop in amazement.



Calvin Morrow

"I am sure there was never a people who had more reason to acknowledge a Divine Interposition in their affairs than those of the United States." - George Washington
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