The Defining Moment for the Church in Springfield, MO


This is an urgent appeal regarding the SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) ordinance. 

Springfield, MO has been targeted by PROMO (an LBGT advocacy group) in close coordination with the MCHRHR (Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations) to radically transform Springfield by making it illegal for Christians to practice our religion outside of the church building.

In a recent incident in Lexington, Kentucky, the Human Rights Council (their version of the MCHRCR) investigated a Christian owned screen-printing company due to their unwillingness to print T-shirts for a gay pride event.   According to Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt, Munson (presumably a member of Lexington’s Humans Rights Commission), ruled that ‘’Hands On Originals must accept orders to print T-shirts or other products that bear messages advocating for homosexuality, and mandated the company to undergo diversity training… ‘The respondent is permanently enjoined from discriminating against individuals because of their actual or imputed sexual orientation or gender identity. The respondent is ordered to participate in diversity training to be conducted by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission within 12 months of the issuance of this order.

Unless we speak now this type of repression is coming to Springfield, MO. Now is the time for Christians to stand up before Springfield makes it institutionally illegal for Christians to practice our religion in the marketplace.

I strongly urge you to send emails and faxes to the Mayor and City Council to vote no on Council Bill 2014-189 and 2014-189S1, and more importantly, show up at City Hall Monday on Oct. 13 and let your voice be heard.  Remember, YOUR PRESENCE IS YOUR VOICE and YOUR PRESENCE IS GOD’S VOICE.

We have a special request that pastors all over Springfield and the surrounding area encourage your congregation from the pulpit and by email to show up at City Hall, and let your presence speak for Springfield and the kingdom of God.

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