The Counterfeit Revolution

I would describe the time between of the fall of man in the garden and the time prior the
resurrection of Jesus Christ as a revolt against God where evil prevailed. After Jesus conquered the
grave and declared that all authority in heaven and on EARTH was given to Him a new and legitimate
revolution began. The absolute control over Heaven and the EARTH was given to Jesus. This
revolution was not a revolution involving armies, but a cultural revolution where the primary change
would originate in the hearts of men. The saving of the soul was not the end game, but the
positioning of the redeemed man to demonstrate the redemptive power of Jesus when applied the
created order. This revolution was designed to work from the inside out and the bottom up and
incrementally across time. This revolution is in fact much more powerful than armies and the force
of law.

The revolution that Jesus started recognized the value of the individual. For the first time in
human history the rights of the individual were elevated and properly balanced against the authority
of the state. Out of that liberty individual rights were codified into law, which gave individuals
freedom to produce as they saw fit. In this new order the right to the fruits of one’s labor gained
protection from oppressive governments. As the seeds of liberty matured so did Western
Civilization, which serves as a contrast to what satanic governments produce. God didn’t create a
utopian paradise on earth but gave us an example of what happens when applying heavenly
principles in the physical realm.

During this Jesus revolution Satan concocted a counter-revolution designed to undermine
Christianity and Western civilization. One example is the Chinese dictator Mao Tse Tung, who
packaged and popularized his version of a satanic revolt in what was called the Cultural Revolution.
Mao required the people be purged of their past. His aim was to rid the country of old ideals, old
culture, old customs, and old habits. He ordered the dissolution of private property and that history
be revised. The distinction between Jesus’s cultural revolution and Mao’s was one is based on
liberty, and one was based on enslavement through force and deception. The goal was to strip all
power and recognition of the individual and families by consolidating their identity under the
control of the state. A top-down model of governance. At the heart of this revolt is the belief that
there is no God, which leaves man as the final arbiter of truth, or simply understood as man
dethroning God.

We now find this counterfeit revolution permeating western civilization by using the same game
plan and new methods of implementation. In America the precursor for setting the stage is hate
crime laws. The purposely vague descriptions and targeted enforcement of these laws give
legislative authority to do whatever the accuser wants. The hidden objective of hate crimes is to
facilitate the criminalization of Christianity. Please note that all persecutions start with a law.
Haman in the book of Ester convinced the king to enact a law to kill the Jews. In the book of Daniel,
the governors and satraps of king Darius made a law to kill all who bowed down before any god
except the king. The Nazis enacted the Nurenburg laws designed to protect German blood and
German honor. In the Nurenberg laws it was stated that the Jews were not citizens but subjects of
the state. This laid the foundation for their extermination.

In like manner, hate crime laws in America, forces application of Critical Thought, DEI propaganda
and the LGBTQ+ agenda which are designed to culturally purify thought by alienating and
marginalizing Christians using ideals that Christians would object to. The new state religion
demands that we all bow down to the doctrines of Critical Thought, DEI and the LGBTQ+ agenda or
you will be considered haters and thereby law breakers.

Welcome to the American Marxist cultural revolution facilitated by the Democrat Party, and it’s the
Christians that are in their crosshairs! When you weed out all the political minutiae, the arguments come down to the war between Satan’s Marxist agents and God and His Christian agents.
Unfortunately, most Christians aren’t engaged in the battle, and the responsibility to unchain them
from the pews falls on the local pastors. We know that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the
Church unless the pulpits are silent in the face of evil and it goes unchecked.

If Jesus truly inherited all authority in heaven and on EARTH and commissioned believers to engage
in discipling the nations, then this satanic counter revolution undermining the culture is
fundamentally illegitimate.

Part of engaging the legitimate revolt against the Satanic Marxist is to rid our cities, states, and
nation of all hate speech.

Shut Your Mouth!

The number one goal of the Marxist left is to make sure that the opposition is silenced.

William Tyndale was strangled and burned for translating the Bible into English. Figuratively this is what happens to Christian conservatives every day. They are routinely maligned and misrepresented on a daily basis.

The more Christians engage the culture, organize themselves and speak up the more the radical left tries the shut them up and shut them down. The left never considers the option of competing in constructive dialogue. Why is that? The answer is simple. They cannot afford for their base to hear two sides of an issue. If they did, they run the risk of people weighing their ideals and coming to conclusions that they can call their own.

The Marxist left use Marxist tactics. Christian conservatives are routinely shadowed banned and often removed on social media. Recently email providers have imposed strict rules and limits on conservative groups. The Marxist Left has pressured advertisers to not do business with those that they disagree with. Of course, the ministers of truth have fought hard to control the airwaves for years to prevent the truth from coming out. Recently George Soros has been buying up AM radio stations because it’s the last place where conservatives aren’t censored.

History has demonstrated that when a group of people are segmented out of society, the next thing that happens is persecution. After that it gets really ugly.  The question is where do we go to be heard. Where do we go to get organized? The last place is the Church. The Church must add to its list of responsibilities the practice of disseminating information regarding what’s taking place in our community and our nation. If not the gates of hell will fill the vacuum and become emboldened enough to exercise its full will on the culture.  Eli lost the priesthood because he didn’t restrain evil.

Politics is not a Dirty Word

One of the greatest heresies in the Church today is the notion we aren’t supposed to be involved in politics. Nothing can be further from the truth. On the contrary, not only is it true that we should be involved, but it is also imperative that we are to continue to existence.

Speak Freely Now, Before it’s too Late!

“Freedom of speech and press is the condition of nearly every other form of freedom” Benjamin Cardozo (Supreme Court Justice 1932-38)

We live in a time where our government and its agencies are working hard to silence all opposition to their disinformation by labeling all other speech disinformation. They are also partnering with TV, social and print media outlets to suppress speech and malign those who step out of line.

Springfield Missouri is no exception when it comes to these tactics. We have a school board election coming up that will determine if the current destruction continues or takes a different path. There are three candidates running that are committed to making true education a priority and bringing an end to social engineering, gender confusion and no discipline in the classroom.

Those who are part of the current machine have formed Political Action Committees that will bring in unprecedented amounts of funding. They will benefit from countless amounts of unreported in-kind donations from local media outlets, due to one-sided reporting.

What can be done to overcome this deficit is incredibly simple and the pastors hold the key to unlocking this mystery. I heard a stat this week that’s very disturbing. Only one in six Christians vote. There is an estimate 30,000 Christians not voting in Springfield. The last school board election 254 votes were needed to change the direction of Springfield Public Schools. When it comes to rescuing the children, we Christians have not been the good Samaritan. 

If the pastors muster the courage, conviction, and a sense of spiritual duty to inform their congregations, stress the importance of voting and pass out voter guides, the current direction will easily change.

Pastors Hold the Key to who Wins or Loses the Springfield School Board Elections.

There are nearly 40,000 Christians in the pews of Springfield on any given Sunday. Half aren’t registered to vote and over half of the registered voters don’t vote. If the congregations are inspired by the pulpit they will respond. If they are not inspired by the pulpit they will respond accordingly.

In the meantime, the children of those parents are being exposed to what the educators believe they should think about gender and race. I can guarantee that Christian parents would not agree with those views. I have been in contact with several parents who tried to get the curriculum and were unsuccessful. Sunshine requests are often ignored or given a price tag to obtain it that no one can afford.

My humble plea to pastors is to consider what the Holy Spirit is saying regarding the spiritual slaughter of the lambs of the sheep that God has put under your care. To not encourage the people to use their vote as an extension of their voice to do righteously is negligible.  The test scores in Springfield schools have trended downward consecutively for the last ten years while they focused on social engineering. The latest push was to add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity language to their policies. It failed through a series of events that only God could orchestrate, but they will be back.

The main reason for this post is that the voice of those like me crying in the wilderness are being shut down to a trickle and the last hope is for the pulpits to come alive. Many pastors have succumbed to the notion that the exploitation of children through abortion and indoctrination is political and should be avoided. To hold to that notion is to believe that God is not interested and uncaring. If the pulpit is silent on godly concerns that affects the culture, then God is silent in your community, and guess who will be held responsible for that failure. The people must be warned of the danger and equipped and motivated to respond. It won’t happen any other way.

Please don’t confuse being direct with being mean or crass but consider the possibility that maybe the Holy Spirit is speaking. If there is anyone wanting to know how to maneuver in these waters or interested in getting involved PM me.

There are over thirty-five concerned pastors who have joined the battle. You will not be alone.

Nonpartisan! Are you Serious?

Nonpartisan! Are you Serious?

A new PAC in Springfield Missouri has formed called “United Springfield”. Their stated goals are:

  • Supporting individuals running for nonpartisan office who aim to unite, not divide, Springfield children, citizens, and community.
  • Working to protect what makes Springfield unique.
  • Protecting civil discourse, community partnerships, and the welcoming culture of innovation.
  • Preserving a united, nonpartisan local government.

There are two terms that require defining in the context being discussed. Nonpartisan and normalcy.

Based on how Marxist ideologues use of the term “nonpartisan”, it simply implies that they can spout their ideology freely while all others just shut up. Normalcy is defined by having the ability to get back to imposing their ideology without having others participating in the process.  In other words, based on their application of nonpartisanship they have complete control of all ideals and information.

For example, it was normal when the votes on the school board were mostly a 7-0 rubber stamp. Now that there are sometimes a 4-3 vote it is considered a disruption.

I think that it is important to point out that the co-chair of “United Springfield”, Terri McQueary supported one candidate who consistently votes for LGBTQ policies which are partisan positions. Mrs. McQueary is a registered Republican that appears to not concern herself with Republican values demonstrated by her actions.

The idea of nonpartisanship is oxymoronic to its core. It supposes that we all should think and act alike. I must ask the question, “are any of these people married?” Nonpartisanship simply provides cover for partisans. If the school board were united around traditional academics, then we can truly unite and consider everyone nonpartisan. However, when social engineering trumps academics, partisanship is required. I hope to attract partisans who are willing to stop what I would call a demonic attack on our children.

If Mrs. McQueary is truly concerned about the disruption and divisiveness maybe she should join those who are working to stop the radical indoctrination of innocent children. When partisans declare themselves to be nonpartisans, don’t be fooled. This notion must be challenged. Nonpartisanship for those who use Marxist tactics is just another trojan horse. If they want this narrative, let’s call it what it is, a SCAM.

"Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature ... If the next centennial does not find us a great nation...it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces." - James A. Garfield, U.S. President and Minister
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