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Speak Freely Now, Before it’s too Late!

“Freedom of speech and press is the condition of nearly every other form of freedom” Benjamin Cardozo (Supreme Court Justice 1932-38)

We live in a time where our government and its agencies are working hard to silence all opposition to their disinformation by labeling all other speech disinformation. They are also partnering with TV, social and print media outlets to suppress speech and malign those who step out of line.

Springfield Missouri is no exception when it comes to these tactics. We have a school board election coming up that will determine if the current destruction continues or takes a different path. There are three candidates running that are committed to making true education a priority and bringing an end to social engineering, gender confusion and no discipline in the classroom.

Those who are part of the current machine have formed Political Action Committees that will bring in unprecedented amounts of funding. They will benefit from countless amounts of unreported in-kind donations from local media outlets, due to one-sided reporting.

What can be done to overcome this deficit is incredibly simple and the pastors hold the key to unlocking this mystery. I heard a stat this week that’s very disturbing. Only one in six Christians vote. There is an estimate 30,000 Christians not voting in Springfield. The last school board election 254 votes were needed to change the direction of Springfield Public Schools. When it comes to rescuing the children, we Christians have not been the good Samaritan. 

If the pastors muster the courage, conviction, and a sense of spiritual duty to inform their congregations, stress the importance of voting and pass out voter guides, the current direction will easily change.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams
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