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Don’t Free the Nipple


In recent weeks Springfield has been subjected to what is called “Free the Nipple”. Each Friday night a group of people gather and take off their tops. The women cover their nipples only with tape. This is not a grassroots movement at all. This is a well-organized group of revolutionaries who have coordinated this effort to lower the cultural standards of morality, basically part of the overall effort to fundamentally change America.

I’m asking that those who are concerned about this city and our country add your names to the letter that will be delivered to the City Council. To do so, send an email to stating that you want your name added to the petition.

I also ask that you would attend the City Council meeting on Monday, August 24, 2015 to voice your opposition to this indecent and absurd attack on this city.

Calvin Morrow


Mayor, City Councilmen, and Councilwomen,

As you know, the “Free the Nipple” rallies in Springfield have caused quite a stir. Many citizens of this community, businessmen, and visitors to the area are expecting the leadership to lead. It has come to my attention that the decency laws allow this kind of behavior.

Speaking on behalf of the parents who had children downtown at the time, this was assault on not only good values, but children and parents. Those parents have effectively been run out of downtown.

Members of your council will be presenting a bill to tighten the decency laws to accommodate the decent people of Springfield. We, the people of Springfield, pastors, businessmen, and those who frequent Springfield ask that you vote to make Springfield decent again.


Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

CUPA, Christians Uniting for Political Action,


Labor Unions’ Support of Death



Planned Parenthood is without question the vilest of all things the devil has perpetrated upon a people. In the name of offering women a choice, this organization murders babies.  I refuse to use the word abortion or call it a medical procedure to describe what is done to the unborn human being. Doing so would only serve to assist in inoculating us from the reality of what’s actually happening – murder in the first degree. The thought of murdering innocent children should be enough to shock the senses of decent people, but to dissect and sell body parts is beyond the imagination. What type of human being would be able to do this and sleep at night?

The answer is the labor unions, the Democratic leadership, and the common deviant. I intend to be harsh in my criticism of this great evil and those who support it. Over the years, Progressives and liberal leftists have shifted our public conscience to the gutter, and as a Christian, I’m embarrassed that we have allowed this to happen. With the recent news of selling baby body parts, it’s time to push back against government sanctioned evil.

Big Labor’s ties to liberal causes and its specific support for Planned Parenthood is well documented. Embedded within ObamaCare is the requirement for insurance companies to cover abortion. According to an article by Jason Hart of Fox News, “AFL-CIO, AFSCME and SEIU helped pass ObamaCare through Congress early in President Obama’s first term and continue to work together.” He further reported: “AFSCME, for example, paid Planned Parenthood’s political action wing $400,000 in 2014, $20,000 in 2013 and $20,000 in 2011. And the payments were reported to the Labor Department as a ‘political program support’ expenses, according to” They also attribute Mary Kay Henry, Service Employees International Union president with this quote, “We stand united with our allies at Planned Parenthood, champions of quality healthcare and a cornerstone of vital services to millions of Americans for decades.”

Big labor through unjust law has for years forced its members to pay dues to fund the Democratic Party and liberal causes like abortion instead of funding collective bargaining and settling labor disputes.  What they are doing is making many innocent people participate in murder in the first degree. This support is a danger to us all and must be condemned in the court of public opinion. It has got to be stopped!

The question that I have for Governor Nixon is, will you protect innocent workers from lending their support to the greatest holocaust in the history of mankind? The question that I have for Democratic lawmakers is, where is the threshold of tolerating this type of evil? The question that I have for the Christian and Conservative lawmakers is, will you join this battle with a determination that accepts nothing but victory?

I strongly recommend that the lawmakers in the state of Missouri support the right to work legislation that’s being debated. There is no rational or moral argument to support organizations that force others to violate their conscience.

"Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that their liberties are a gift from God?" - Thomas Jefferson
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