Don’t Free the Nipple


In recent weeks Springfield has been subjected to what is called “Free the Nipple”. Each Friday night a group of people gather and take off their tops. The women cover their nipples only with tape. This is not a grassroots movement at all. This is a well-organized group of revolutionaries who have coordinated this effort to lower the cultural standards of morality, basically part of the overall effort to fundamentally change America.

I’m asking that those who are concerned about this city and our country add your names to the letter that will be delivered to the City Council. To do so, send an email to stating that you want your name added to the petition.

I also ask that you would attend the City Council meeting on Monday, August 24, 2015 to voice your opposition to this indecent and absurd attack on this city.

Calvin Morrow


Mayor, City Councilmen, and Councilwomen,

As you know, the “Free the Nipple” rallies in Springfield have caused quite a stir. Many citizens of this community, businessmen, and visitors to the area are expecting the leadership to lead. It has come to my attention that the decency laws allow this kind of behavior.

Speaking on behalf of the parents who had children downtown at the time, this was assault on not only good values, but children and parents. Those parents have effectively been run out of downtown.

Members of your council will be presenting a bill to tighten the decency laws to accommodate the decent people of Springfield. We, the people of Springfield, pastors, businessmen, and those who frequent Springfield ask that you vote to make Springfield decent again.


Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

CUPA, Christians Uniting for Political Action,


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