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White on Black Crime: Real Problems vs Perceived Problems

Up to this point I have been very reserved with my opinions in regards to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner incidents. I have had enough of the stupidity coming out of the black communities, and from so called black leaders. If you can ignore the fact that 94% of all homicides in the black communities are committed by BLACKS and not feel outraged, then you are a hypocrite. If a black man gets killed by a police and you feel like the world is coming to an end, then you have been brainwashed into seeing the world upside down. You have lost all since of proportion.

Recently an 18 year old black career criminal in Berkeley, MO was shot and killed while attacking a police. Because a camera caught the incident the rioters have quieted down. The media was poised to stir up the inherent victimhood resident in the black community and exploit it to the hilt. Had there not been a camera rolling, you can bet that it would have been easy to get the black community outraged given the current racial climate. How many black males have been murdered since this incident, and how many of us really care. Unless someone is affected directly, life just go on.

When a black man is killed in the neighborhood, it’s just a shame. There is no blame game, there’s no Al Sharpton, no Jessie Jackson and not much media coverage. This is proof that most blacks don’t really care that much about their neighbor. The 94% black on black homicides points to the real problem, which cannot be refuted, only ignored. If you used the current logic and really cared, you wouldn’t just burn down part of the neighborhood, you would burn the whole town down.

Every black person that I know that moves up economically moves out of their neighborhoods as soon as they can. We all know that the more stuff that you have the more your house get broken into. How many successful rappers can you find living in the neighborhoods of their origin? None, they profiled their neighbors and concluded that it’s time to go. I’m not saying that everybody in black communities are druggies and thieves, but there is a large concentration of crime, because of a large concentration of criminals.

If you choose to ignore the obvious and blame police for your problems, then I suggest that all police leave and not serve in communities where they’re not welcome. Because, if the police are the main problem that your community face, there shouldn’t be any objections to removing the problem.

Oh, by the way several black males were killed somewhere in America this week, but don’t worry, it wasn’t by a white racist cop.

The Mob Can’t Breathe But I Can

I could breathe freely the moment I was freed from the liberal prison. First I had to take out the guard tower where the minister of mind control was posted. This was easy after I discovered the liberating power of truth. This truth became the prism that filtered every thought. That truth was and remains Jesus Christ. Once I learned the art of thinking biblically, I began to see through the countless ideological assaults on what was real. One lying assault after another was brought into subjection to the truth.

Even though the truth is powerful, it alone wasn’t enough to be totally free to breathe. I had to cut through the barbed wire of group think. Human beings are by nature social creatures and rely on physical support and the affirmation of others. Traditionally these types of support come from spouses, family, churches and the community. Once accepted into a group, no one wants to be viewed as being contrary to whatever the current flow of thought may be. The fear of being on the outside is the super glue that keeps a group of people moving like a herd of sheep, whether in a positive or negative direction.

Something bad has happened to the traditional supply lines of support. They have been replaced by political, racial, socio-economical affiliations and sexual classifications. What we are witnessing from the vantage point of a Christian society is the realignment of people groups into gangs. Once joining a gang, we are easily manipulated by the gang leaders. This explains why gangs can easily morph into destructive and demonic mobs. This is what we are witnessing on the evening news throughout the country. This method of structuring civilization makes society uncivilized. You may not perceive yourself as a part of the mob, but if your sentiments align with the mob, you are the mob. You may not be giving direct support, but you are still part of what’s fueling it. If you are silent, you are also part of the mob. Silence is the primary wall of defense protecting evil. It prevents those who are trapped from coming out. Biblically speaking we call it, apostasy.

This brings me to the current media and politically driven discussion that has gripped our nation; that’s Mike Brown and Eric Garner. You have to wonder how the majority of the black community can look at three of Mike Brown’s autopsies that clearly show the bullets entering through the front and conclude that he was shot in the back. You wonder why blacks overwhelmingly blame the death of Eric Garner on white cops, even though the arrest was supervised by a black officer. Well, that’s easy to answer; everyone in their relational sphere is saying the same thing and disturbing the narrative is suicide. Anyone who dissents will be ostracized and verbally pummeled.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. I was heavily engaged in a political discussion with someone who was a political opposite and they made the statement, “I have never heard a black man speak the way that you are speaking.” I then questioned, “Other than me, do you personally know anyone who is a conservative?” A long silence pursued. There are two observations to take away from this. In the first place, I didn’t know that a black man is supposed to speak, think and act as one. Secondly, there is the implication that my behavior is not approved of and my way of thinking puts me outside of the mainstream. This was an indirect application of pressure appealing to man’s need to belong. Logically speaking, it was the fallacy of appealing to the crowd.

This had no effect on me because I already belong. I belong to the Christian race, which includes all ethnicities. I belong to the family of God. I am categorized as a male, as witnessed by nature’s law and God’s law. I belong to the Christian community that is not subdivided into many groups by race, sex, political labels, or the haves and have nots. By virtue of using God’s methods of structuring civilizations, society becomes civil. Because I am a part of God’s family and have exercised my Christian mind, I can breathe without the aid of those who manipulate the rich-poor divide, and the political, sexual, and racial gangs. Those who say that they can’t breathe have lost their ability to see, think or act outside of the true order of things. Instead of the air passages being restricted, their minds and spirit man have been cut off from God. There’s a good reason why the mob can’t breathe.

To whatever extent we walk in the kingdom of God IS the degree that we are able to breathe.

Packaging Deception Rules the Day

The Christians in Springfield, MO have been characterized by the proponents of the SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) law as haters, homophobes and supporters of discrimination. This narrative has won the day in the local newspaper editorials and evening news broadcasts. Not only has it been successful in those outlets, it has also taken hold in Christian circles due to ignorance of the law.
Many Christians and pastors believe that this ordinance is about equal protection and civil rights when in reality it has nothing to do with either. It’s just the Trojan horse being used to change the culture by force instead of debate in the market place of ideals. In reality the list of Christians who are losing their businesses is growing, and in some cases, they are faced with the potential of losing their homes. All of this is because they are not willing to endorse and celebrate something that is an abomination in God’s view.
In every case where a Christian business has been sued, there was ample opportunity for those in the LGBT community to take their business somewhere else. Clearly, homosexuals in each case targeted a Christian business knowing that these business owners would have to violate their religion in providing services. The lawyers defending these Christians have easily proven that there were many businesses that would have happily served them.
Furthermore, every one of the Christian business owners served the LGBT community for years on many occasions within the boundaries of their consciences. They did so with Christian love and the respect that’s due any human being. The notion of being a bigot or homophobe is proven absurd on the basis of how the Christian business owners conducted themselves.
At the end of the day, what is actually accomplished? It seems that one group through the force of law has obtained the right to demand that others violate their conscience or face fines and imprisonment. This is simply the right to oppress Christians by those who say they want to be equal. Their definition of equal is the ability to place their foot on the throat of another. There are no current laws stating that Christians have more rights than the LGBT community, but on the other hand, the SOGI laws classify the LGBT community as a “protected class” and grant them “extra protection” thus providing them with more rights than Christians. The fair housing and hiring laws prior to the SOGI laws gave everyone the same protections rendering the new laws unnecessary. We now have the evidence of many Christian people being sued, thus illustrating that the intent of the SOGI laws was nefarious.
There are two main issues at hand. Let me explain that the proper narrative should be how Christians are being terrorized. Firstly, this is nothing less than a religious free speech issue. The second issue that seems to get lost in the minutiae of the argument is the elimination of property rights. A Christian private business can no longer have autonomy. When the dust finally settles, there will be a new definition of private property. No one will be able to determine what they can or can’t do with what they own because they will no longer own anything. This is simple. If you can’t determine what to do with something, it’s not yours. At best you are a custodian serving the purposes of others.
If the Church is afraid to oppose these oppressive laws, then it deserves to be oppressed by them. If the false narrative goes unopposed, then the average church goer remains rudderless, and ambiguity rules the day within the congregations. When the shepherds in Springfield fail to bring clarity and direction, then the sheep have simply been thrown to the wolves.
The false narrative must be countered with the fact that this is the Christian Suppression Law in the spirit of Jim Crow. Yes, I’m sad to have to break the news to you that state sanctioned discrimination is back. Instead of white racists doing the oppressing, it’s the revolutionary political opportunists using the LGBT community.

"I am sure there was never a people who had more reason to acknowledge a Divine Interposition in their affairs than those of the United States." - George Washington
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