Nonpartisan! Are you Serious?

Nonpartisan! Are you Serious?

A new PAC in Springfield Missouri has formed called “United Springfield”. Their stated goals are:

  • Supporting individuals running for nonpartisan office who aim to unite, not divide, Springfield children, citizens, and community.
  • Working to protect what makes Springfield unique.
  • Protecting civil discourse, community partnerships, and the welcoming culture of innovation.
  • Preserving a united, nonpartisan local government.

There are two terms that require defining in the context being discussed. Nonpartisan and normalcy.

Based on how Marxist ideologues use of the term “nonpartisan”, it simply implies that they can spout their ideology freely while all others just shut up. Normalcy is defined by having the ability to get back to imposing their ideology without having others participating in the process.  In other words, based on their application of nonpartisanship they have complete control of all ideals and information.

For example, it was normal when the votes on the school board were mostly a 7-0 rubber stamp. Now that there are sometimes a 4-3 vote it is considered a disruption.

I think that it is important to point out that the co-chair of “United Springfield”, Terri McQueary supported one candidate who consistently votes for LGBTQ policies which are partisan positions. Mrs. McQueary is a registered Republican that appears to not concern herself with Republican values demonstrated by her actions.

The idea of nonpartisanship is oxymoronic to its core. It supposes that we all should think and act alike. I must ask the question, “are any of these people married?” Nonpartisanship simply provides cover for partisans. If the school board were united around traditional academics, then we can truly unite and consider everyone nonpartisan. However, when social engineering trumps academics, partisanship is required. I hope to attract partisans who are willing to stop what I would call a demonic attack on our children.

If Mrs. McQueary is truly concerned about the disruption and divisiveness maybe she should join those who are working to stop the radical indoctrination of innocent children. When partisans declare themselves to be nonpartisans, don’t be fooled. This notion must be challenged. Nonpartisanship for those who use Marxist tactics is just another trojan horse. If they want this narrative, let’s call it what it is, a SCAM.

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