Springfield’s Christian Suppression Law

The MCHRCR (Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Public Relations) has set themselves up for a major power grab.  They’re in most cities and large towns throughout America. Their main objective in the name of equality is to criminalize Christianity in the name of diversity and tolerance.  Their next most important objective is to move the boundaries of property rights, liberty and of course free speech.  I’m posting the Executive Summary of the MCHRCR Strategic Plan to help paint the picture.  Please pay close attention to #6,7,8,11,20,21.

(Link to the entire document) https://mo-springfield.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/6126

Executive Summary of Actions:

1. Continue membership and meet regularly with related groups such as the Regional

Executive Council on Civil Rights (RECCR) and the Missouri Association for Social

Welfare (MASW).

2. Serve as the liaison to City Council for the number of not for profit

agencies/organizations in Springfield. The Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and

Community Relations (MCHRCR) will report to the Mayor and City Council periodically.

3. Create public information/outreach initiatives for the community.

4. Coordinate the development of an effective MCHRCR web presence.

5. Collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce, the Governor’s Council on Disability, and

the USBLN affiliate groups in Kansas City and St. Louis, to encourage the establishment

of a local affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN),

http://www.usbln.org/. A local USBLN affiliate will not only help find ways to

encourage a more diverse business community, but also help our Springfield businesses

to succeed.

6. Require all business license recipients in the City of Springfield have certification from

the MCHRCR, following the example of Kansas City.

7. Inform any public entity when members of the community report infringement of

human rights or mutual respect.

8. The MCHRCR will publicly recognize through award presentation the businesses and

individuals in Springfield who model best practices regarding diversity and human rights


9. Serve as the designated agency, recognized by HUD, to affirmatively further fair


10. Strongly recommend that the City of Springfield establish a housing trust fund in


11. Collaborate with the city of Springfield schools to teach about diversity within the

schools and help create a safe environment for all school aged children (K–12) within

the community.

12. Create a safety-buddy system/safe haven that all individuals in crisis can use for help.

13. Add sexual orientation and gender identity protections to the Springfield

ordinances/policies dealing with employment, fair housing and public accommodation.

14. Advocate for and advise city council to adopt a city ordinance including universal

design principles/features in all newly built and rehabilitated affordable housing units

funded by HUD monies, the Missouri Housing Development Education Funds, and a

future city housing trust fund.

15. Advocate for and advise city council that a city ordinance require universal design

features in any Springfield public facility. These UD features should go beyond the ADA


requirements and enhance the usability and participation of all citizens regardless of

age or ability.

16. Advocate for and recommend to the city to hire a full-time ADA Coordinator. This

Coordinator needs to also have knowledge in how universal design principles can be

used in construction, policy development, and service delivery.

17. The Commission will review the city’s emergency disaster plan to make certain that all

emergency services are equitably distributed within the community.

18. Track and make known the changing diverse population found within the Springfield


19. Coordinate efforts with other agencies who work with the disenfranchised members of

our community, as homeless, runaway youth, dislocated families.

20. Take the necessary steps to become a state certified Human Rights Commission through

the State of Missouri Human Rights Commission and establish the City of Springfield

Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations ordinance as

substantially equivalent according to Missouri State Statutes section RSMo 213.131.1.

21. Review the current City of Springfield ordinance and City of Springfield Charter to

change the current Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations

powers from an advisory board to an administrative board.

22. Take action to amend the current Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community

Relations city ordinance to be consistent with applicable local government and state

laws and regulations.

23. Review and update the current City of Springfield policy on Disadvantage Businesses-

Minority Business Enterprise Program in accordance to applicable State and Federal

laws and regulations.

One Response to Springfield’s Christian Suppression Law

  • Christina T says:

    And one more chilling part of the Strategic Plan:
    p. 22 goes on to define the targeted school-aged population: Activities would include all school aged children (public, private, home schooled).

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