Rushefsky Wants Proof


Councilwomen Cindy Rushefsky ridiculed the ideal that transgenders aren’t taking advantage their gender identity.  I want to give just a few examples that are well documented with links to the reports.

Just because she didn’t experience this problem in her years of prosecuting doesn’t mean it never happened.  If a tree falls in the woods; yes it did make a sound.

  1. March      2014, Toronto: A man claiming to be a woman is jailed after gaining      access to a women’s shelter and prey on two women.
  2. September      2006, Sydney: Government officials are made aware of a male sexual      predator posing as a female to be imprisoned with women. He subsequently      assaulted and impregnated at least one female inmate. Speaking of – has      Sheriff Arnott been asked about how he feels knowing that if passed as/is,      the potential for “inter-mingling” inmates?
  3. March      2012, Dallas: Paul Witherspoon, a registered sex offender, is ticketed      for using a women’s restroom after becoming “Paula”, a      transgender.
  4. 2010      and 2012, British Columbia: Being accused of sexually      assaulting 60 girls, convicted felon and repeat sex offender Matthew      Harks becomes a transgender in prison. If the SOGI Law is passed in      Springfield, Mr/Ms Harks would not be prohibited from using a women’s      restroom.
  5. April      2014, San Fransisco: Women’s Rights, Transgender Rights, Twitter      engineer and transgender, Dana McCallum is charged with five felonies that      include rape, false imprisonment, and is also charged with domestic      violence.
  6. September      2013, Oklahoma City: Christopher T. Gard waits inside a women’s      restroom until a young girl comes inside, he locks the door, and while the      girls hear her screams while she is held at gunpoint and choked. Gard was      wearing only a pair of women’s panties.
  7. August      2013, Marion County, AR: Sexual predator Carl Dahn is arrested after      being dressed in women’s clothing and sexually soliciting himself to what      he thought was an underage girl, but was instead an undercover police      officer.

May 2013, Detroit: Transgender Sean Gossman is charged with child pornography after federal police uncovered a thumb drive linked to him with incriminating evidence.


Calvin Morrow

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