SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Action Points

To the Church of Springfield and surrounding areas,

We should act and act now in regards to the City Council’s SOGI (Sexual orientation and Gender Identity) ordinance.

  • This ordinance has a triggering mechanism that by law confers power to the MCHRCR (Mayors Commission of Human Rights and Community Relations); which grants them power to license all businesses to have a certification from the MCHRCR.  The MCHRCR is an unelected extreme left leaning that has a well-established track record of being hostile towards Christians in the name of protecting those in the LGBT community.
  • In many places where the SOGI ordinance has passed Christians are terrorized with lawsuits.  Printing businesses, wedding planners, wedding facilities, florists and bakeries are usually the first targets.
  • The MCHRCR will have the authority to collaborate with schools to teach diversity within the schools k-12 (The MCHRCR Strategic Plan includes private schools and homeschoolers).
  • The MCHRCR will be empowered to set up a reporting mechanism that they alone control which amounts to a snitch program.  They will not only be reporting human rights infringements, but mutual respect infringements.  Mutual respect is extremely broad and vague language which makes everyone a potential violator for simply having a different opinion.
  • This ordinance will grant a defense to male sex offenders who claim they have a female “gender identity” and use that as a pretense for entering women’s bathrooms, showers, and shelters.

Why should we act?

  • To retain the right to freely exercise our religion.
  •  Your children, businesses, neighbors and property rights are all targets of this ordinance.

How to act

  • Call the mayor and councilmen and women and recruit five friends to demand that they vote up or down.  Let there be no tabling, no further studying, no abstaining and or delays.  State that you prefer a no vote.   Tell them that if this ordinance passes there will be a referendum on the ballot and it will pass.  State emphatically that this council and the unelected MCHRCR will be responsible for costing this city an estimated 1-1/2 million dollars.
  • Send an email, fax, and a hand written letter to each councilman.  Do at least one item or all.
  • Show up at the council meeting on Oct. 13, 6:30 at 830 N. Boonville, and bring five friends.  RECRUIT! RECRUIT!  Your presence is your voice!!

Do something and do it today!  You were born for such a time as this.  The governor Nehemiah placed the heads of each household in front of the broken walls where their house once existed, and told them to defend their families and property.  In the name of God almighty I appeal for you to do the same. 

Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

CUPA (Christians Uniting For Political Action)

888-832-4316 office

417-343-3091 cell

One Response to SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) Action Points

  • Beverly Harmon says:

    How in the world can you call your selves “Christian” I think all of you have forgotten Jesus words or is it you just don’t care to be compassionate to all people, just those that think like you. Thank God I live in my head not yours.

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