Springfield Citizens United: Press Release October 6, 2014

On October 13, 2014, Springfield, Missouri, City Council will decide whether or not to include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the list of protected classes under the City Code.
In light of this, several organizations in the Springfield Community, both political and religious, have organized as Springfield Citizens United (SCU) to promote education on this matter and to expend all efforts to influence the City Council to vote no on this ill-conceived law.
If this Ordinance is passed it will have a detrimental effect on the Springfield community and its economy. Because of extremist political agendas from outside Springfield, this law will require wedding photographers and others in the wedding services industry to participate in and promote same sex ceremonies, even when doing so violates their conscience and religious convictions. It will place senior citizens who rent rooms in their homes at risk of losing them if they follow their religious convictions and decline to rent to people ‘living together.’ Non-compliance can result in thousand dollar fines and six months in jail simply for trying to live consistently with one’s faith.
Further, this law will open the door for biological males, including heterosexual sexual predators, to legally use women’s restrooms in restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping outlets inside the City of Springfield.
This proposed Ordinance tramples freedom, discriminates against people of faith, and places women and girls at risk. Springfield Citizens United strongly encourages Springfield City Council to vote no on Council Bill 2014-189, and tell the extremists promoting agendas against Springfield values that our community will not allow our safety and rights to be trumped in exchange for radical ideals.
Any vote to pass this Ordinance will be met with staunch opposition, and the citizens of this community will repeal this Ordinance through a referendum petition and a vote of the people.
SCU Board
Calvin Morrow – Spokesman, Christians United for Political Action
Dr. John Lilly, Locke and Smith Foundation
Dr. Wm. Scott Magill, 7th District Missouri Republican Assembly
Nicholas B. Ibarra, Live Free Springfield
Michael Tull
Contact: Calvin Morrow, 417.343.3091

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