The Liberal Use of the Mob

Ann Coulter has written a book called Demonic in which I am taking some liberties to quote and comment on.

Have you noticed that there are a growing number of mobs showing up at banks, hospitals, homes of CEO’s, private parties, polling places, malls and public beaches for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc?

This is the same mob that brought down Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, the UAE and others. This is the same mob that several Democratic politicians, members of liberal news organizations who are championing the call to rise up here in America and riot like Egyptians. The communist and socialist such as Van Jones are joining the chorus basically saying the same thing. For those who don’t know who Van Jones is, he is a member of the Communist Party USA, who was appointed to a czar position in the White House, but stepped down when unmasked.This is the same mob that community organizers throughout history have used to launch the French, Bolshevik, and Cuban revolutions to mention a few. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party benefitted from its use of the organized mob to get elected. The end result of the use of these mobs was the death of millions of its citizens in every instance. These revolutions were very different from the American Revolution. The American Revolution was birthed out of a desire to be free of tyranny and the end result was prosperity and peace. The other revolutions were birthed out of chaos and resulted in the deaths of millions.

The only problem with these protests/riots is that after the dust settles one dictator is replaced with another dictator. The difference is the dictator of choice is installed by the one who organized the mob. When you see these protests begin to ramp up, take notice that the reason for these protests/riots will range from supposed good causes to no particular reason. The main goal is chaos. The end result will always be a loss of liberty and self determination.

These mobs are controlled by senseless slogans that are void of logic, science or historical facts. The concept of sound reasoning is never considered. It is the passion and excitement of the moment that feeds the mob. The mob cannot afford an open discussion because it can’t compete in the arena of facts. It can’t afford to have its flaws exposed by the light of truth. That’s why the mob shouts loud and drowns out all discussion. In Ann Coulter’s book Demonic, she defines the mob as demonic. Demonic is the clearest definition that we have to describe the mob; otherwise we are left just scratching our heads saying, “What is this?”

These are not grass roots or spontaneous uprisings. They are highly organized events by community organizers. Every one of these organizers holds beliefs that are contrary to Judeo/Christian values, the Constitution and everything that we consider decent. Most people don’t question what’s going on with the mob movement. We need to start asking ourselves who is organizing these mobs. Don’t let these events just come and go without researching who organized them and who stands to gain from them.

Barak Obama campaigned on being a community organizer and has brought his talents to the White House. Our community organizer went to work right away and warned the banking CEO’s that he was the only one standing between them and the pitch forks. Is this a not so subtle claim that he has the mob at his disposal? Is there any wonder why these lawless acts that we are witnessing seem to be virtually immune from prosecution?

Our latest example of the use of the mob by liberals was in Wisconsin, where the State building had over seven million dollars in damage. Violence and destruction was their method of discourse. When we see the increased use of the mob, be assured that change is coming and I guarantee you won’t like it. As Ann Coulter points out, Conservatives don’t use mobs. We use the discussion of ideas in the open market.

Remember this. The same loud, illogical and unreasonable demonic mob is the same mob that killed Jesus.

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