Missouri 2016 Voter Guides

Oct. 24, 2016  

Dear Missouri Pastor We are providing Missouri Voter Guides for the members of your congregation.  This is an important election.  The Church is in the crosshairs of some political operatives.  Christians have a responsibility to vote.

You will be happy to know that these voter guides are prepared for distribution in 501c3 organizations and Political Action Committees.  They are educational in purpose.  We have included links to organizations whose goal is to inform and motivate Christians to vote from a Biblical point of view as best as they can.  Feel free to make copies for distribution and/or email these links to your congregants.

Missouri Alliance for Freedom (Guide for ballot initiatives and propositions)http://www.missourifreedom.com/news/equip-yourself-get-mo%E2%80%99s-2016-ballot-measures-right

Missouri Right to Life (Endorsements of candidates by districts)http://www.missourilife.org/mrl_pac/2016mrl_pac_general_%20ends_%20nov.pdf

Constitutional Coalition (Bios of candidates and party platforms)http://constitutionalcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Election_2016.pdf

Missouri Renewal Project (Voter guide for statewide candidates)http://missouriprayengagevote.com/

Vote to protect religious liberty and may God bless you. 




Calvin Morrow Executive Director,

Christians Uniting for Political Action


History or Reconditioning

History or Reconditioning

The new black history museum should be renamed, “The Rewriting of History to Keep Blacks Mad and Ignorant Museum.” To barely mention Clarence Thomas and his accomplishments is simply fraudulent. To emphasize the lying Anita Hill makes the whole thing a lie. I wonder what they did to the Republican Martin Luther King. I love learning about blacks in history, but I don’t use it to get angry or make sure others are. I’m sick of the race narrative. The Leftist Democrat Revolutionaries are conducting a full court press to racialize the American culture through bad news reporting, use of sitcoms, school books, college classes, immoral laws, reeducation camps (schools), etc. The goal is to divide us for the purpose of control. They also want us to feel like nothing has changed since the days of slavery. They want us to ignore the fact that a black man is president of the most powerful nation in the world with only a 15% black population. Never mind that it took tens of millions of whites and other groups to get Obama elected. Do you for one second think that would have happened fifty years ago? Most of us call that progress, which you will never hear from Leftist Democrat Revolutionaries.

Blacks have achieved prominence in every area of life, from astronauts, CEO’s of major corporations, educators, philosophers, judges, and the list goes on. The acknowledgment of this fact is an indictment to the current racism narrative. How can things be worse than the days of slavery? Well it is in the minds of many. If you can pour lies into empty minds everyday all day year after year with no counter argument, it can be achieved. Couple that with a few anecdotal examples. Many will mentally descend back in time, even though everything around them reflects the opposite.

I’m not against the ideal of a Black History Museum. I just want the story told without the Leftist agenda. So far from scanning the website of the Black History Museum, I can see how lopsided the displays and themes are. And we wonder why many suffer from a “racist under every rock syndrome.”
With the over emphasis on racism, I’m protesting the purposely bending of the black mind to accept permanent victimhood status, which by the way is a cheap racist view of blacks by the Leftist Democrat Revolutionaries. To treat and view blacks as a permanent underclass and promote it is wrong. By design this keeps blacks dependent and politically useful. I use the term Leftist Democrat Revolutionaries because they are Leftist, Democrats and Revolutionaries. Their goal is fundamental change, and they alone are the authors of the uprooting of our traditions. Those traditions include traditional Biblical marriage, the scientific and Biblical use of the term male and female, and all of the Bill of Rights. What this mindset does is keep us looking to those who created racial disharmony to provide us with racial harmony.

Spiritually speaking, I don’t worship my blackness, but thank God that He made me who I am for His purposes. I’m not here to serve any political group, racial group, or any ideology that distracts from God’s ultimate plan, which happens to be color blind and exists for all mankind.


The War is Real


We are in a war where many of us under attack are waving the white flag.

Christians, cultural Christians, conservatives, and freedom lovers you are in a war, and it’s not against flesh and blood. You are in a war where the weapons are ideals, written and spoken words.  The language in the media is being crafted to distort what’s real and confuse what’s true.  At the end of the day, this war is not complicated. It is a war between good and evil.  I submit to you that it’s a war against Christianity and that the enemies of true liberty want to remove the Christian influence from the political arena.  Our adversaries want to reshape the character of the nation by reshaping the market place of ideals.  They alone want to corner the market on policy writing, law making, and holding public office while marginalizing and perpetrating a negative image on Christians and conservatives.

The current administration, along with the Democratic leadership, is busy crafting laws and supporting movements that are hostile to Christians. I’ll use the LGBT movement as an example.  The whole of the LGBT agenda is designed to make criminals out of Christians.  The so called civil rights that they are pursuing will not add one measurable benefit to their lives other than the government sanction to sin while forcing those who disagree to accept it or face the penalty of law.  The net result is a loss of rights for those who refuse to agree to serve the sin.  The perfect example of this is when Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den because of unrighteous law. The law commanded that everyone should worship the image of the king or die.  The king’s men knew that Daniel would not obey that command, therefore creating criminals out of righteous people.  The law was designed to cull the Jews out of society.  The LGBT type laws are exactly that type of law.

The main thing that’s missed is that the movement is not a grass roots movement. It is a top down political movement that’s skillful in creating the perception of group rip off. As in every socialist revolution, victims and villains are created.  There are four major villains in this one – Christians, whites, the rich, and cops.  The victims list consists primarily of the poor, minorities (mainly black), homosexuals, transgenders, illegal immigrants, etc.  It is the cunning use of victims that the Left has created and use for their political end.  For example those in the LGBT community buy and rent homes in the neighborhood of their choice.  They shop in stores and eat in the same restaurants that we all frequent.  They ride the bus and sit wherever they want.  We all have friends and relatives that are gay that we love and respect as fellow human beings.  So what’s the problem?  The biggest problem is that the lies that divide us are allowed to stand and grow roots.  The ones controlling the narrative know that perception is more powerful than reality.  Their goal is control and I’ll explain the motivation.

The political left starts off with the assumption that there is no God other than the collective man which we call humanism. This gives birth to various social systems like socialism and communism, which is ultimately a lawless system base in coercion and force in the name of fairness. From the Christian perspective this system is authored by Satan.  In a humanistic society every man is a law unto himself and he does what is right in his own eyes.  In their world laws do not regard what’s objectively true, but what’s advantageous towards their goals.  We clearly are in a battle between these two ideals for the culture. In a Judeo/Christian society there is a concept of just laws and unjust laws, and the just laws are authored by the Creator, which do not change through the democratic process.   One system of thought is rooted in the true God and one is rooted in the opinion that man is the final authority over what’s just and right for society.  This understanding is why I do not support the third party movement.  As long as one holds closer to the Judeo/Christin value system in their stated belief, that’s the party that I support based on principle, not men.  The reason is, because embedded at the end of every policy argument is what is objectively right or wrong, good and evil.  The unavoidable question is who said this is right or this is wrong?  Haven’t we heard this before; who said that you can’t eat of the tree?  One side is making the case that God said or, “we find these truths to be self-evident”, and the other is only concerned with man’s opinion.

In this culture war there is a clear aggressor and with little to no resistance. We aren’t losing the culture war; we are walking away from it. Those who are in covenant with God have been exclusively commissioned to manage the garden.  God made a covenant with Adam and commissioned him to care for His creation and take dominion. His very first assignment was to classify the animals, and this was no small project.  What Adam accomplished with words gave order to creation.  He framed reality by defining it for those who would come after him.  By working within the covenant, he was authorized to control the narrative.  To summarize this point, those who are in Christ have been commissioned to shape society. This is what the Political Left is doing by reclassifying the word marriage.  By doing so they are reordering society.  They too are framing reality and taking dominion.  By doing so, they have created dissenters who are a threat to what has been reestablished.

Words have meaning that results in consequences. We are now the beneficiaries of the new order with all the consequences that go with it.  Someone has planted weeds in the garden and there are few covenant men to manage it.  The Church leadership is mostly uninterested in this war while plotting the great escape.  The preaching that we will be raptured out any day distorts our focus on the mission and leaves the next generation to fend for themselves.

There’s an untapped mission field call public service. It is a perfect place for the gospel of the kingdom (government) of God be proclaimed.  If we don’t bring kingdom ideals to it, it will by neglect be filled with the weeds of evil like an unattended garden.  Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules the people groan.”  It is blatantly obvious that God intended for His people to be leaders and law makers, to be the head and not the tail.  If we don’t compete in the political market, we condemn ourselves to be walked on by the true oppressors.

Christians cannot afford to abandon the political market place. We need to pray. Then we need to get off of our knees and speak the truth and do righteous deeds. We can go down to city hall and our school board meetings and contend for the truth. We can financially contribute to campaigns and join groups that support our ideals.  We also have the right to vote and should never miss out on it. If we pray and do nothing our prayers are wasted.  God will not snap His fingers and do the job that He has commissioned us to do.  He will cause our works to prosper.

Words are powerful and cannot be unspoken. When they go out, they have the potential to construct or deconstruct.  We cannot afford to be silent in such a critical hour.  Proclaim the truth. Defend the faith.  “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.”  2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Our Liberty is at Stake

“Conservative Christians in America are undergoing a huge shift in the way we see ourselves in the world,” Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Albert Mohler said. (NPR Story link here). “We are on the losing side of a massive change that’s not going to be reversed, in all likelihood, in our lifetimes.'” There is a reason for this. Politically, Establishment Evangelical leaders are firing blanks. A person who tells you that there’s no difference between the political parties is tantamount to the person who will argue that there’s no difference between Islam and Christianity.How did America arrive here? Simply put, Christians in America have declined to wage war for ideological supremacy in the last century. They refused to believe that two opposing philosophies-Christianity vs. Secularism–produce two divergent cultures.

In my estimation, less than 1% of Evangelical pastors in America have more than an ounce of influence with their City Councilmen. What about School Board members? Mayor? State Representative and Senators? In all cases, the Evangelical influence is minimal or non-existent. How then can they have influence in the public square? For those who say, “Christians shouldn’t be involved in government,” read the words of Oklahoma Senator James Lankford: Consider that all but possibly two of the Old Testament books (Job and maybe Ruth) were written by a political leader, to a political leader, or about a political leader.” God is knee-deep in politics; He swings big doors on little hinges. Do you know what the two largest denominations of political currency are? 1) How many votes can one bring to the table. 2) How many dollars can one raise that brings votes to the table. Speechifying is way down on the list, maybe worth a nickel. A Sunday sermon is not a denomination of political currency. If America is to be saved, Evangelical pastors–in addition to feeding the “whole counsel of God” to the flock and “making disciples”–must begin advancing disciples to the public square. Salt and light needs to go where it is most needed.

“Politicians will not change the way they act, or leave the stage, without receiving written instructions from the audience. Script changes are best given to politician, in the form of ballots, completed and delivered, in a voting booth.” Dr. Mohler and Dr. John MacArthur spoke recently to an audience of pastors and offered their opinion on the spiritual condition of America. They demonstrated that they don’t have a clue on how to regulate the temperature of America in the arena of civil government. America needs Christian thermostats, not Christian thermometers.

Evangelical leaders need to be schooled in Russell Kirk’s truism, “Politicians are actors performing a script that is written by the audience.” Real political know-how and spiritual discernment is mandatory (men and women of Issachar) as we navigate the treacherous waters produced by Christian disengagement and withdrawal from the public square over the last century. Liberty is at stake, for virtue is a key component of freedom.

Elected officials represent those constituents who vote. And polls reveal that of the estimated 65M-80M Evangelicals who read their Bible, attend church and pray, only half of those being registered to vote. And, half of that half don’t vote!

Christians have minuscule influence and representation. Is it any wonder that President Obama, through executive orders and “Presidential memoranda,” bypasses Congress to impose his immoral agenda-without a peep from the pulpits of America? President Obama has birthed anarchy with executive orders. When anarchy is touring, tyrants are in power and every citizen is subject to the law except, you guessed it, the President and his sycophants. The ruler is above the law. The fault for the crisis in America proceeds from a Biblically illiterate people, not the politician. In vain do we blame others. Plainly, Christians oppressed by the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent federal government and judiciary need someone to blame besides themselves, and their apathy.

The current state of the union is the consequence of Christians abandoning the public square in the last century. America needs the Mohler’s and MacArthur’s to move out from behind the pulpit and camera and move into the civil government arena, “Putting on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” “When the wicked are in power and control the affairs of state, violence and injustice are actively encouraged and flourish unchecked (Proverbs 29:16), and the people groan under an intolerable burden of oppression and make themselves scarce for fear of life and limb.” -K.T. Aitken “Power and control the affairs of state” are not done by speechifying, but by organizing and mobilizing an army of like-minded constituents. Somebody’s values are going to reign supreme. If secularists and homosexual activists recruit and elect those who align with their values, those elected officials are going to impose secular and pro-homosexual values through legislation. This is not rocket science. Here is the good news, with just a small increase in voter turnout at the voting booth for the estimated 65M-80M Evangelical constituency, the political landscape can be changed dramatically-overnight. God is on our side, so we will not be discouraged. There is no worse projectile in all of the ammunition depots of hell than, “God has forsaken [them]” (Psalm 71:11).

If we will engage, He will deliver us.

We need a Gideon or Rahab to stand. David Lane American Renewal Project

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SJR39 Religious Liberty


The proposed amendment to Missouri’s Constitution SJR39 is right for everyone, not just Christians. Some believe that this amendment is unnecessary because we already have the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Unfortunately lawmakers and judges forget, or should I say ignore it.  Therefore we have to rely on other legal means at the state level.  When a city circumvents the Constitution, the states can act as a reinforcement to the first amendment without ambiguity.

This proposed amendment is being touted as a law that would allow Christians to discriminate. Nothing could be further from the truth.  This bill would simply provide protection of religious liberty and property rights.

SJR39 is a shield against the nefarious non-discrimination laws such as SOGI. Non-discrimination laws open a door that has been closed since the 1960’s.  I have equated the non-discrimination laws passed by municipalities with the Jim Crow laws of the past.  There are some that believe these are strong words.  I agree, and not only strong, but accurate. SOGI in Springfield was a good example.  Imbedded within the law was the penalty of fines and imprisonment solely based on the right of conscience and the right to do what we want with our property.  Under the guise of non-discrimination the net outcome was discrimination through statutory law.  One group of citizens were, by law, given the right to force their ideals upon another group, or demand services that would violate their faith with the full power of the state behind it.  Under the current laws neither Christians nor non-Christians have that privilege.  The claim, “right to discriminate,” is being batted around as fact.  What makes it baseless is that the status quo found in the First Amendment is maintained. No one has power to deprive others of their right of conscience or property.

No one is making the case that Christians are persecuted on the scale witnessed in ancient Rome when Christians were fed to the lions, but we must take note that when that happened there were laws in place to authorize it. I beg the question, what good reason is there to revisit the 60’s and ancient Rome?  This amendment repels unfair SOGI laws. Continue reading



Every headline regarding religious liberty legislation portrays Christians as hostile towards the gay community. These types of narratives are just as dishonest as the radicalized leftist who created them.

There is no question that eradicating Christianity out of the public square is under way, and we and our leaders have participated in that effort through our silence, and by not engaging the political arena. If the time to do something about it is not now, then no time would be right.  Our backs are against the wall and the best defense is a good offense.  Let’s start by showing up at Jefferson City to address your representatives on April 19 and let your presence represent the Christian voice.

Show your support for Missouri’s Religious Freedom Amendment SJR39. This amendment is designed to provide protection from the bullying of the radicalized leftist agenda.  Our battle is not against the LGBT community and never has been, it’s against those who want to demonize Christians and marginalize us against the rest of society.  The alleged discrimination against the LGBT community is simply the means to discriminate against Christians.

The question is what will your response be? I cannot stress how important it is to show up at the rally.  Ask your pastor to announce this meeting from the pulpit and encourage the congregation to make every effort to be part of the battle for religious liberty.

This event is hosted by: Missouri Alliance For Freedom. Ryan Johnson, president. ryan@missourifreedom.com

Date: Tuesday, April 19 (Bring umbrella; rain or shine)

Time: 2:00 pm

Location: Missouri Capital Building, 201 W. Capital Ave, Jefferson City, MO.

Sign up below to receive tools and materials you need to speak with your representatives and support SJR39.




Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

Christians Uniting For Political Action (CUPA)




Take Up Your Sword


Luke 22:36 Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it , and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.

I’ve been a Christian for thirty nine years and I have never heard a sermon on this scripture. Before I get into this subject, it is very important to analyze the back drop to this scripture to understand it. Jesus and the Disciples are celebrating the Passover in the upper room and He is preparing them for His crucifixion, and speaking of a new order called the kingdom of heaven.  In verses 28-30 He says, “But you are those who have continued with Me in My trials.  “and I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon Me, that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

Israel as a nation is about to go through some dramatic religious and governmental changes. The changes are a transfer of authority (to appoint the kingdom to His followers and their spiritual posterity, and the judgment of apostate Israel described in Matt 23).  God is about to officially end one covenant and ratify a new covenant.  Take notice that covenant and Jerusalem are used synonymously in Galatians 4:25, 26 and in Hebrews 12:22 where the covenant is called the heavenly Jerusalem.

The death and resurrection of Christ introduced the new covenant in seed form which is referenced numerous times as firstfruits, or a fore shadow of what’s to come of the promise. These firstfruits are the saints that lived during the times of Christ until the official end of the sacrificial system that Jesus talked about in Matt 24:2, 3. He did so by declaring that the temple would be destroyed, and the disciples responded by asking when will this happen and what will be the sign of Your coming.  If we dare to value context when interpreting Matt 24 we would see clearly that Jesus is audience specific regarding who He is talking to, which are the people of that time period that are standing directly in front of Him.  He is geographically specific regarding Israel and its cities.  Notice that He calls the cities by name.  They are not futuristic, hypothetical or symbolic cities. He is chronologically specific indicating that the destruction of the temple is the trigger mechanism for His coming and the end of the age (Note: that some translations use the word world, and world in the Greek is usually translated cosmos or aeon. In this case the word aeon is used meaning specific time period).  The question is what time period is He referring to?  The obvious answer should we dare to interpret scripture with scripture within the given context is the official end of the ritualistic old covenant.  If there is no temple in Jerusalem then there is no method to obey the traditional ritualistic sacrificial system.   Continue reading

Deadline to join the Cruz team is now!!



If you are a pastor, work in a Christian ministry or Christian community leader and want to be a part of our National Press Release TOMORROW for Ted Cruz, we need you to fill out this endorsement form tonight and send it back in tonight. To expedite things, please follow these instructions:

  1. Print out the Endorsement Form
  2. Fill out the Endorsement Form
  3. Take a picture of filled out Endorsement Form
  4. Text photo of filled out Endorsement form to (843) 754 5630

This press release is of National Importance, we do not want to leave anybody out- please send back in tonight ASAP!   Click here. Official Endorsement Form for Ted Cruz (004)

Erik Corcoran

Cruz for President

SC Faith Director


Cruz or not to Cruz



This commentary is for all my Constitutional loving conservatives who make the argument that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen. Just for the record, my opinion is that that argument rests on thin ice. Cruz did not have to go through any naturalization processes because naturally he was a citizen. Any other logical reasoning is illogical and unreasonable. It is also illogical and unreasonable to not vote for someone who supports nearly 100% of everything conservatives believe in. Again, this is just an opinion.

Let’s just say for arguments sake that you are right. What would you gain from not supporting the only conservative constitutional liberty lover on the ticket? You will have the privilege of going to the grave saying I was right in my own mind and heart. However, you will also have to live with the burden of not being able to do something beneficial for yourselves, your children, neighbors and the country. When God chose Deborah to lead the nation of Israel it was completely out of the ordinary for the Jews. When God lowered the blanket of unclean animals and told Peter to eat it was completely against his tradition and the written Word. This reminds me of the joke about a man stranded on a rooftop surrounded by flood waters and asking God for help. God sent him a helicopter, a boat, and a canoe and he refused them because it wasn’t in a package that he could accept. He ended up dying and going to heaven and complained to God for not reaching out His hand and scooping him off the island.

You may say to me, “What’s your problem; don’t you care about the Constitution?” Yes I do. I believe that it’s the greatest document that man has ever crafted. However, the constitution has been decimated over the years and very few politicians consider it in their decision making. In some respects worrying about the Constitution at this stage in the game is a moot point. It has already been obliterated. The boat is so full of holes that it can’t stay afloat. What if at this time, God sends a representative with a heart to restore what we want. Will our answer be a self-righteous one of “identifying” a big problem with his birthright when it looks like we are at the end of life as we know it? That’s exactly what the Jews did with the sacrificial system when God rejected and judged them for violating the spirit of the law. Their sacrificial works had lost all meaning in reality.

On one side we have Ted Cruz, who from a child has memorized the Constitution, a man with a long history of loving, breathing, and defending the constitution all the way up to the Supreme Court level. And on the other side we have men and women who could care less about it. Will our answer be to go with an unqualified captain and let the boat sink rather than putting it into the hands of someone who is capable of steering us away from the rocks?

May God help us all.

Calvin Morrow

Pastors For Cruz

We are at a spiritual breaking point today in America. We have a president who is at war with religious liberty, a judicial court that is attempting to redefine marriage and a Congress that has turned its back on Christians time after time.


We hear of crowds of thousands amassing at Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies. So many are glued to their TV sets as candidates make bombastic pronouncements and as thousands flock to hear the words of mere men. Pastor, I believe we are in the Gideon moment of American history. In the book of Judges, the people of God turned away over and over again from his blessing. In Judges Chapters 6 & 7, the Lord used a young man from the tribe of Manasseh with a mere 300 warriors to defeat a Midianite army of tens of thousands. The Nation of Israel was saved by the actions of a few righteous men.


His story is not unlike ours today. We are only 20 days out from primary day in Missouri. The primary on March 15th is crucial in this election cycle. We are in a battle for the soul of our party and our country. I believe that you are a modern day Gideon Warrior and that God has called us together for such a time as this.


God has put on my heart to ask you to do 3 things


  1. Commit to pray daily for Senator Cruz, his family & our campaign 
  2. Enlist one fellow pastor to endorse Senator Cruz & join our coalition
  3. Identify 3 members of your church to volunteer 


if you have ANY questions, please contact me at (843) 754 5630 


If we are successful in this effort, we will carry the day for Senator Cruz in the most important primary in this presidential election. Our numbers of pastors in the coalition will double and we will have a volunteer force of christians that will be unstoppable. I call on you to join me in this fight to save the nation we love. May we live out Matthew 6:33 in this time: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.


It is time to stand with God as Gideon did and rally our fellow countrymen and women to do the same. Let’s get a God fearing man in Ted Cruz elected as the next president of the United States.

Official Endorsement Form for Ted Cruz


Erik Corcoran

Cruz for President

SC Faith Director



"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction; It's not something we pass along in our bloodstream. It must be fought-for, protected, and passed-along for them to do the same." - Ronald Reagan

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