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If you are a pastor, work in a Christian ministry or Christian community leader and want to be a part of our National Press Release TOMORROW for Ted Cruz, we need you to fill out this endorsement form tonight and send it back in tonight. To expedite things, please follow these instructions:

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This press release is of National Importance, we do not want to leave anybody out- please send back in tonight ASAP!   Click here. Official Endorsement Form for Ted Cruz (004)

Erik Corcoran

Cruz for President

SC Faith Director


Cruz or not to Cruz



This commentary is for all my Constitutional loving conservatives who make the argument that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen. Just for the record, my opinion is that that argument rests on thin ice. Cruz did not have to go through any naturalization processes because naturally he was a citizen. Any other logical reasoning is illogical and unreasonable. It is also illogical and unreasonable to not vote for someone who supports nearly 100% of everything conservatives believe in. Again, this is just an opinion.

Let’s just say for arguments sake that you are right. What would you gain from not supporting the only conservative constitutional liberty lover on the ticket? You will have the privilege of going to the grave saying I was right in my own mind and heart. However, you will also have to live with the burden of not being able to do something beneficial for yourselves, your children, neighbors and the country. When God chose Deborah to lead the nation of Israel it was completely out of the ordinary for the Jews. When God lowered the blanket of unclean animals and told Peter to eat it was completely against his tradition and the written Word. This reminds me of the joke about a man stranded on a rooftop surrounded by flood waters and asking God for help. God sent him a helicopter, a boat, and a canoe and he refused them because it wasn’t in a package that he could accept. He ended up dying and going to heaven and complained to God for not reaching out His hand and scooping him off the island.

You may say to me, “What’s your problem; don’t you care about the Constitution?” Yes I do. I believe that it’s the greatest document that man has ever crafted. However, the constitution has been decimated over the years and very few politicians consider it in their decision making. In some respects worrying about the Constitution at this stage in the game is a moot point. It has already been obliterated. The boat is so full of holes that it can’t stay afloat. What if at this time, God sends a representative with a heart to restore what we want. Will our answer be a self-righteous one of “identifying” a big problem with his birthright when it looks like we are at the end of life as we know it? That’s exactly what the Jews did with the sacrificial system when God rejected and judged them for violating the spirit of the law. Their sacrificial works had lost all meaning in reality.

On one side we have Ted Cruz, who from a child has memorized the Constitution, a man with a long history of loving, breathing, and defending the constitution all the way up to the Supreme Court level. And on the other side we have men and women who could care less about it. Will our answer be to go with an unqualified captain and let the boat sink rather than putting it into the hands of someone who is capable of steering us away from the rocks?

May God help us all.

Calvin Morrow

Pastors For Cruz

We are at a spiritual breaking point today in America. We have a president who is at war with religious liberty, a judicial court that is attempting to redefine marriage and a Congress that has turned its back on Christians time after time.


We hear of crowds of thousands amassing at Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies. So many are glued to their TV sets as candidates make bombastic pronouncements and as thousands flock to hear the words of mere men. Pastor, I believe we are in the Gideon moment of American history. In the book of Judges, the people of God turned away over and over again from his blessing. In Judges Chapters 6 & 7, the Lord used a young man from the tribe of Manasseh with a mere 300 warriors to defeat a Midianite army of tens of thousands. The Nation of Israel was saved by the actions of a few righteous men.


His story is not unlike ours today. We are only 20 days out from primary day in Missouri. The primary on March 15th is crucial in this election cycle. We are in a battle for the soul of our party and our country. I believe that you are a modern day Gideon Warrior and that God has called us together for such a time as this.


God has put on my heart to ask you to do 3 things


  1. Commit to pray daily for Senator Cruz, his family & our campaign 
  2. Enlist one fellow pastor to endorse Senator Cruz & join our coalition
  3. Identify 3 members of your church to volunteer 


if you have ANY questions, please contact me at (843) 754 5630 


If we are successful in this effort, we will carry the day for Senator Cruz in the most important primary in this presidential election. Our numbers of pastors in the coalition will double and we will have a volunteer force of christians that will be unstoppable. I call on you to join me in this fight to save the nation we love. May we live out Matthew 6:33 in this time: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.


It is time to stand with God as Gideon did and rally our fellow countrymen and women to do the same. Let’s get a God fearing man in Ted Cruz elected as the next president of the United States.

Official Endorsement Form for Ted Cruz


Erik Corcoran

Cruz for President

SC Faith Director


Kim Davis Show Pastors How to Destroy the 501 c (3) Tax Status.


We should simply ignore it!! One woman with the courage of Joan of Arc stood her ground. Legally she had all the cards.

She had nature’s law and God’s law, which is the supreme law.  She had federal law on her side through DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  She had Kentucky law that affirms that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Benjamin Franklin was asked by Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “a republic if you can keep it.”  The question that we must ask ourselves is, do we really want it? Are we willing to fight and sacrifice like Kim Davis?

Our pastors should be the first to stand against immoral laws such the 501c (3) tax exemption. We are taught that God’s laws are higher than man’s law, with the exception of the 501c (3), which we are taught that we must obey.

We are a nation of laws guided by the Constitution. Our Declaration of Independence declares that our right to pursue life, liberty and happiness come from God and we cannot be separated from them. It also states that those who govern us do so with the consent of the governed. It also says that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government.

It is clear that the Founders did not intend for the people submit to immoral law, or to be governed by arbitrary law issued by decree.

The Supreme Court gave an opinion, not a law. They are not authorized by the Constitution to make law. That is explicitly reserved for the Legislative branch of government. Kim Davis should have been released for this reason alone. But, the real reason for her release were the protests and the show of support for Kim and the disapproval of the militant judge. The momentum was building day by day and they could not withstand the gathering storm.

There are no statutory laws on the books to charge her with. All they have is the opinion of the court and one evil man. What’s on the books is DOMA (Defense of Marriage act), which the Supreme Court ignored. She also has Kentucky laws that declare that marriage is between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court and the judge broke the law and she was not obligated to obey.

Similarly, when Pharaoh ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill the Hebrew male babies, they refused and God rewarded them with houses. They weren’t expected to resign but to do the right thing. Many Christians were conflicted regarding this case but in God’s reality, there is no conflict. We are not door mats for Jesus. We are ambassadors and soldiers.  If Christians do not occupy places in government, then God is not represented and His people have no voice in the culture.  That result conflicts with the whole of scripture.

Based on what happened with Mrs. Davis, what would happen if a pastor was jailed for preaching truth? What if 350,000 pastors were liberated by the courage of one brave pastor who defied the 501c (3)? It’s an immoral law! To license the Church is to license God. How absurd!!

Don’t Free the Nipple


In recent weeks Springfield has been subjected to what is called “Free the Nipple”. Each Friday night a group of people gather and take off their tops. The women cover their nipples only with tape. This is not a grassroots movement at all. This is a well-organized group of revolutionaries who have coordinated this effort to lower the cultural standards of morality, basically part of the overall effort to fundamentally change America.

I’m asking that those who are concerned about this city and our country add your names to the letter that will be delivered to the City Council. To do so, send an email to stating that you want your name added to the petition.

I also ask that you would attend the City Council meeting on Monday, August 24, 2015 to voice your opposition to this indecent and absurd attack on this city.

Calvin Morrow


Mayor, City Councilmen, and Councilwomen,

As you know, the “Free the Nipple” rallies in Springfield have caused quite a stir. Many citizens of this community, businessmen, and visitors to the area are expecting the leadership to lead. It has come to my attention that the decency laws allow this kind of behavior.

Speaking on behalf of the parents who had children downtown at the time, this was assault on not only good values, but children and parents. Those parents have effectively been run out of downtown.

Members of your council will be presenting a bill to tighten the decency laws to accommodate the decent people of Springfield. We, the people of Springfield, pastors, businessmen, and those who frequent Springfield ask that you vote to make Springfield decent again.


Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

CUPA, Christians Uniting for Political Action,


Labor Unions’ Support of Death



Planned Parenthood is without question the vilest of all things the devil has perpetrated upon a people. In the name of offering women a choice, this organization murders babies.  I refuse to use the word abortion or call it a medical procedure to describe what is done to the unborn human being. Doing so would only serve to assist in inoculating us from the reality of what’s actually happening – murder in the first degree. The thought of murdering innocent children should be enough to shock the senses of decent people, but to dissect and sell body parts is beyond the imagination. What type of human being would be able to do this and sleep at night?

The answer is the labor unions, the Democratic leadership, and the common deviant. I intend to be harsh in my criticism of this great evil and those who support it. Over the years, Progressives and liberal leftists have shifted our public conscience to the gutter, and as a Christian, I’m embarrassed that we have allowed this to happen. With the recent news of selling baby body parts, it’s time to push back against government sanctioned evil.

Big Labor’s ties to liberal causes and its specific support for Planned Parenthood is well documented. Embedded within ObamaCare is the requirement for insurance companies to cover abortion. According to an article by Jason Hart of Fox News, “AFL-CIO, AFSCME and SEIU helped pass ObamaCare through Congress early in President Obama’s first term and continue to work together.” He further reported: “AFSCME, for example, paid Planned Parenthood’s political action wing $400,000 in 2014, $20,000 in 2013 and $20,000 in 2011. And the payments were reported to the Labor Department as a ‘political program support’ expenses, according to” They also attribute Mary Kay Henry, Service Employees International Union president with this quote, “We stand united with our allies at Planned Parenthood, champions of quality healthcare and a cornerstone of vital services to millions of Americans for decades.”

Big labor through unjust law has for years forced its members to pay dues to fund the Democratic Party and liberal causes like abortion instead of funding collective bargaining and settling labor disputes.  What they are doing is making many innocent people participate in murder in the first degree. This support is a danger to us all and must be condemned in the court of public opinion. It has got to be stopped!

The question that I have for Governor Nixon is, will you protect innocent workers from lending their support to the greatest holocaust in the history of mankind? The question that I have for Democratic lawmakers is, where is the threshold of tolerating this type of evil? The question that I have for the Christian and Conservative lawmakers is, will you join this battle with a determination that accepts nothing but victory?

I strongly recommend that the lawmakers in the state of Missouri support the right to work legislation that’s being debated. There is no rational or moral argument to support organizations that force others to violate their conscience.

In God We Don’t Trust?



Recently the Springfield City Council was scheduled to vote on displaying our national motto, “In God We Trust.”  On the surface this is considered a no brainer, but not with the leadership of Springfield.

On the night of the hearing, concerned citizens of Springfield attended the meeting with the expectation of giving their opinion on whether or not this bill should or should not be supported.  They also were eager to know where their representatives stood on the issue.  As a point of reference the U. S. House voted 396-9 to reaffirm “In God We Trust”.  One Republican and eight Democrats voted against it, meaning .024% did not support it.

Does this mean that the overwhelming majority of the Springfield City Council do not support the National Motto?  Maybe a more important question is why hide who you are and what you stand for from the people that you represent?  That leads to an even bigger question, are they representing the people?

What happened next was the ultimate condescension and insult to the people of Springfield.  A motion was put on the table to refer the bill to committee, which in the political world means to throw it in the trash can.  Councilman Justin Burnett and Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky supported the bill and voted against sending it to committee, and the rest voted to in favor of sending it to committee.  I appears that the voice of the people is not that valuable to the majority of this council.

The only legitimate controversy was the council’s choice to avoid the issue.  This makes one question who are these people and what do they stand for. Why are they hiding?  Isn’t it reasonable for the people know those who they put in charge of their common interest?  Isn’t it reasonable for representatives to reveal their positions to their constituency regarding national issues?

This issue should not be allowed to die.  What shouldn’t be controversial is now very controversial!

Supreme Evil

God has established that marriage is the first and most important building block of civilization. From the beginning of recorded history throughout all cultures, it has been understood as a union between a man and a woman without question. Just fifteen years ago same sex marriage was unfathomable. Today five justices have decided that nearly everyone on earth prior to this ruling was wrong. Furthermore, they have decided that God was wrong. If they can change the definition of marriage what’s to stop them from going through the whole dictionary and doing the same?

This ruling provides a major tool for those desiring to crush the Church. What other institution will offer resistance to this ruling with any fervor? By so doing, the Church will give opportunity to be marginalized and punished by the state and society.

The question that I’m raising is will the Sunday sermon stay the same? Will the pastors see the extreme danger that this ruling brings and remain silent? Will the congregation be lulled into an even deeper sleep with the indifference, or will the leadership spark an equal or greater reaction?

For a leader to understand this as anything other than open war against the Church should be a disqualifier at this stage of the game.   I’m not trying to beat up on pastors, but hoping to challenge old mindsets that have caused us to forget that we are supposed to be proactively extending the Kingdom of God into the institutions of men as well as to the individual. This is a direct result of being spiritually side tracked which leads to our absence in the political system. The pastors have the commissioning, they have the people, they have the message, but do they have the will?

I’m not advocating seizing political power, but I am advocating that the Christian people inject sound kingdom principles into the political arena in order to yield those results that have made us great in the past. That will also mean that Christian people with a Christian worldview run for every office from dog catcher to president. It is the truths of the Christian belief that will bring good fruit.

In God We Trust?



The Springfield, MO City Council will decide if the statement “In God We Trust” will be placed in the chamber.

As stated in The Founders’ Bible, “This is a Christian nation.  In this great country of ours has been demonstrated the fundamental unity of Christianity and democracy.’  (Harry Truman). Numerous other presidents have also affirmed that America is a Christian nation, including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, Zachery Taylor, James A. Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.”   Why would something that is so deeply imbedded in our history and culture be so controversial?

The word democracy simply means the people rule.  Our use of the word democracy represents the method of how we elect leaders and make laws. We in America have been reasonably successful up to this point, because we have a system of laws that govern us and our leaders are subject to those same laws listed in the Constitution.  This makes us a republic.  The democratic process is subject to the idea that we are a republic.  This form of government has the ability to take the power out of the hands of the king or oligarchy.   I know that these principles have eroded, but for the sake of argument this is our stated form of government.

Our government rests upon the principles found in the Holy Scriptures and to sever ourselves from this truth will undermine all that we stand for and all that we have accomplished.  All of the pioneers and framers of this great nation understood that God the Creator was their source of inspiration.  My fear for the republic is that if we become disconnected from the source, we disconnect from the blessings.

In God we trust is imbedded on our monuments, written in our preambles and declarations, plastered all over our state houses, sung in our anthems; so what’s the problem with reinforcing that truth for our posterity to remember and embrace?  Can not wanting this monument be construed as a statement of wanting to hide God from our children?

Francis Schaffer stated that, “When Biblical Christianity ceased to provide the conscience for German society, when political and economic chaos as well as moral permissiveness prevailed, the stage was set for the Nazi movement.”  May God forbid that we go down that path.

I’m concerned for Springfield over this matter.  More than any time in American history are we in need for reinforcing our foundations. This is a great opportunity for the Church to stand up and be relevant to the culture.  With much conviction and humility I strongly urge the pastors and congregants to call, write, and email your councilmen and women to support “In God we trust.”


Calvin Morrow

Executive Director

CUPA (Christians Uniting for Political Action)


"Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature ... If the next centennial does not find us a great will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces." - James A. Garfield, U.S. President and Minister

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