Like Lambs to the Slaughter? (Playing Defense is Dangerous)

It didn’t take me long to come to a conclusion that the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Task Force is a cleverly laid trap to get what the Mayor wants.  Furthermore, what’s more ingenious is that they may get the luxury of saying that the Churches of Springfield participated in the process and supported the recommendations, whether they actually do is not important.

The first problem is that the Mayor guaranteed the desired outcome by stacking the deck with favorable appointments to the Task Force.  The second problem is that we are talking compromise as if there is something to compromise. The catch is if we don’t go along with the recommendations, the LGBT group can say they turned down every offer that was on the table.  The only offer that seemed to have some potential was to table the ordinance-pending further development at the state and federal level.   However, the problem with that is, it doesn’t matter what they do at the state or federal level if it’s immoral.

The most hideous scheme of all is that the city government has successfully put the Church in a defensive posture.  We have bought into the phony notion that we are at war with the gay community, when we are in fact at war with a political regime who has figured out a way to manipulate both the LGBT and Church communities.  THAT’S THE TRAP!   We have been stigmatized as hating gays and have responded with fear of the perception.  What does that say about us?  Guess what Church; you will be stigmatized no matter what approach you take.  I say hold the righteous ground and pray that God would give us love and wisdom on how to evangelize the gay community.

There is nothing to compromise and there is nothing to apologize for.  If any part of this ordinance passes we give the unelected Mayoral Commission on Human Rights police powers.  Through their ability to collect data and anonymous complaints, they could and will make recommendations to revoke the license of those they deem unfit to do business in Springfield.  We can’t hire them and we can’t fire them.  I promise you the data will support the agenda.

Pastors if you compromise for the Church to be exempt from this ordinance, the business owners and landlords in your congregation will be thrown under the bus.  They need your protection.  No righteous man will be safe.  The unintended consequence is suppression; the very thing we are trying to avoid.

If we buy into this, it is checkmate.  Let it not be said that the gates of hell have prevailed against the Church in Springfield, MO.

If I was a platoon leader on patrol and I walked into the meeting that was held last night, I would have yelled, “TAKE COVER”.

Before the Church sit down with the opposition, we should sit down with each other, and every voice big and small should be heard.

This ordinance must be defeated!

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