Defeat the Ordinance

Springfield, MO is in a property rights battle that’s been disguised as a human rights issue.  The ordinance is called, “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.”

This ordinance is packaged in an unwritten narrative, that the church is opposed to the gays and wishes to prevent equal opportunities.  Nothing could further from the truth!  Control over this narrative postures the Church in a defensive position.  To confuse the sin and the ordinance as being one in the same is a trap to pit two groups against one another!  This is how the supporters of the ordinance and the media present the perception of this great divide between the LGBT community and the Church.  Unfortunately many pastors have been apprehensive to speak in regards to the sin or the ordinance for fear of the press and congregational opinion.

It is important that we understand that the end game of this ordinance will determine the use of private property and limit free speech.  We must recognize that when one group receives special or extra protection, then the other groups have less protection.  According to the laws of this great land all rights should be equal, not less for some and more for others.  If I were to summarize the so called rational of the supporters of this ordinance, it is to prevent discrimination.  I say it’s a ruse; it’s nothing more than a preemptive strike to give special (extra) protection to one particular people group as a strategy to further a hidden agenda.  At this time there are no current discrimination cases pending, but once this ordinance passes, in my humble opinion, we will have discrimination coming out of our ears.

Many of the citizens of Springfield may not know that the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity ordinance is the linchpin that triggers the avalanche.  When questions came up at the July 15, 2013 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Task Force meeting, about how this would affect the schools and public restrooms, the supporters of the ordinance shouted out with one accord that, “this ordinance does not mention schools”.  (This is obviously a talking point).  However, the Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations 2010 Strategic Plan reveals their true agenda and trust me the schools are in it.  Action 5.1 of the MCHRCR says, “Collaborate with the city of Springfield schools to teach about diversity within the schools and help create a safe environment for all school aged children (K-12) within the community.  Activities would include all school aged children (public, private, home schooled).”  The city attorney reiterated that the ordinance didn’t relate to schools; this was clearly deceptive, because it is in the MCHRCR strategic plan.

The Dangers

  1. The most dangerous outcome of the ordinance is the acquisition of police and investigative powers along with financing of a staff to implement and enforce the ordinance. This proposed provision also stems from the Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations 2010 Strategic Plan.  Once this ordinance is approved this commission will qualify to become a state certified enforcement agency, which is their stated goal.  In effect Springfield will have a shadow government that makes recommendations with the power to leverage those recommendations.   
  2. Along with these powers they will have the ability to greatly diminish and possibly eliminate the Christian influence in the governance of Springfield, MO.  The specter of litigation of churches and Christian businesses will have a chilling effect, which will silence the Church.  In military terms this tactic is called psyops (psychological operations).  One of the lefts’ great prizes in modern history is a politically impotent Church.  The ability to silence the Church is a tyrant’s dream come true.  Conversely, it’s true that nothing is more powerful than a vibrant and involved Church, and they know this.
  3. There is another monster hiding under the bed.  Action 3.2 says, “Require all business license recipients in the City of Springfield have certification from the MCHRCR, following the example of Kansas City.  All non-profits that distribute federal funding should also receive MCRHCR certification.”  What goes along with this certification is diversity training (politically correct thought control) at the expense of the business owner.

The ordinance is what we have to defeat in order to protect our property rights and free speech.  We should avoid the distraction of arguing whether or not homosexuality is sin.  The Word of God has established that as fact and as Christians we agree.  The spokesmen for the gay community disagree with the word of God and we can’t change that with words.

We must recognize that both the LGBT and Church communities have been manipulated to go to war or appear to go to war with one another.  My prayer is that the Church begins to reach out to the LGBT community with the love of Christ and reverse this false narrative with one that is true.

Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.

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