A Violent Coup

A Violent Coup

Time: Election day 2000
Place: United States of America

Today there was an attempted coup staged in Florida. An American named Al Gore, a suspected Communist sympathizer with international connections, led the charge with ten thousand lawyers hired by operatives that are hostile to the process laid out in the Constitution of the United States. This first wave of attack was on par with marines performing a beach landing to set up a staging area. They also hired telemarketers to dredge the swamps to see if there were voters who felt like they were disenfranchised. These so called victims were paraded before us on the state run media like a mortar barrage. This was their propaganda machine entering the theater. In a coordinated effort they began to confuse the people with images that they interpreted with their words for the viewers. Once their scheme was in place the second stage of their attack came from their allies within the courts. Their job was to create chaos by reinterpreting the voting laws and the process in which votes were counted. After weeks of battling in the courts
the coup was put down and the nation returned to normalcy, or did it?Time: Election day 2004
Place: United Sates of America

Today a plotted coup was uncovered originating in the state of Ohio by an American named John Kerry with suspected links to a globalist organization based in France. Similar to the attempted coup in 2000, tens of thousands of lawyers descended on the industrial state of Ohio. This time the Attorney General was the agent working on the inside in conjunction with the courts. The highest law enforcement office in the state that is in charge of enforcing voting laws is now allied with John Kerry and his cabal. The stage was set for a repeat of what happened in Florida in 2000. The lawyers, attorney general, the courts and the state media were all poised for the attack. But, there was a miscalculation. The margin for victory was too large to overcome without the coup being obvious. And with potential chaos looming on the horizon, things died down and America returned to normalcy once again, or did it?

Time: Election day 2008
Place: United States of America

Today a successful coup took place in the United States. An undocumented resident from Chicago refusing to expose his long form birth certificate, passport, college record has taken the White House. Darkness has descended on the glorious land. Agreat nation has fallen to a regime that grew right under the noses of its patriots and they never smelled the stench. This is a classic case of boiling the frog slowly.

You may argue that none of these incidents resembled a coup. Maybe you missed the disdain for what is true, honest and decent. Maybe you missed the barrage after barrage of cannon fire . The cannon fire represented by decades of government intrusion into the lives of every American. The cannon fire of assaulting the innocent through abortion.  The cannon fire of turning what’s normal upside down, like marriage into gay marriage, same sex marriage and creation no fault divorce, thus condemning the innocent with the guilty. The cannon fire of tort laws, which serve primarily to destroy our financial institutions in the name of protecting the victim. The cannon fire of altering the meaning of words. Words such as capitalism, torture, marriage and life. They have demonized everyone and everything who is decent, from Clarence Thomas to Christianity. This continual barrage has softened all of our defenses to make way for their marines and all of their embedded agents and alliances to come out in the open. Now they are at the end of a legislative and cultural blitzkrieg and are busy reconstituting our government with a new government.  They are busy changing law as we know it and becoming a law unto themselves, doing whatever they feel like at the moment.

Bloodless, yes. But, nevertheless a violent coup! We are now mostly an unrepresented people. We are ruled from behind the scene by unelected and unconstitutionally installed officials and bureaucrats. We are being ruled by a government whose primary weapons are deception, secrecy, control of information and the control of the hearts and minds of our children, via government schools. This regime is in the process of devising weapons
to subdue the traditional patriotically law abiding citizenry and especially Christians.  Weapons such as the IRS, the census data, the courts, the tax code, hundreds of thousands of rules created by nameless and faceless bureaucrats, czars, etc. Our children will no longer be able to pursue life, liberty or happiness. We are being bludgeoned to death and can’t physically see it or feel it. The physical potential for harm will be at their disposal
next as they revamp our military and police forces. Every agency is being reconstituted right before our eyes into a weapon against the peaceful, productive and freedom lovers of America. Let’s call it for what it is. If the frame work for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness vanishes, so is the life, liberty and the happiness.

There is no blood shed yet, but a horrible violent crime has been committed against the Constitution and the people it protected. These ideas were the first line of defense, and they have been uprooted. Our house has been ransacked and we are exposed to the elements.

What recourse do we have? Remember, our founders have been here before.

Calvin Morrow

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"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams
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