A Love Letter from God to My Black Children in America…

I am deeply concerned about your spiritual well being. You say you love me and My Son. You say you believe in My Word. If this is true, then why am I so brokenhearted?

The reason is that you have not accepted the great gift that I have made available to you. Don’t you know that in My Kingdom the downtrodden are elevated to the same status as My Son, Jesus? Do you realize that in My Kingdom everyone who has been victimized gives up not only sin, but their “victim hood” status in exchange for full citizenship? How is it that you lost your identity in me?

Instead of considering yourself a victorious child of the living God who has been set free from the designs of the enemy (Satan), you identify yourselves as being defeated, poor, black and a victim. You have allowed political opportunists to transform you from “coloreds to Negroes to Black to African-Americans” when all along you were simply citizens of My Kingdom. You consistently reference the past as if it was today by identifying with the slaves that got off the boat in the sixteen-hundreds. You identify with children in Africa who are covered with flies and whose bellies are swollen from starvation. You identify with the civil rights movement in the nineteen-sixties as if everyday you face dogs and water hoses. All of this while many of you have become educators, politicians, sports heroes and business executives in every field. You take vacations, take your kids to little league, own at least two flat screen TV’s and live in suburbia America.

Many native Africans are coming to America the first chance they get.
Americans aren’t trying to escape to go to another country for opportunities. In My Kingdom you are a nation of priests, a holy people. My system lets all nationalities in without distinctions. Why would you trade this in, to be considered separate from the rest of your brothers?

You say in your heart, “I’m not a separatist,” but when was the last time you invited your white brother over for dinner? What ways have you reached out to My white children, not only in your mind, but with your hand?  How can you see yourself as a victim with Me as your King?  Why do you speak in terms of “us and them…”?  Have you misplaced your allegiance by looking to “fallen man” and submitting to his labeling of you?  Do you not realize that an Afro-centric view of reality is at war with My Kingdom and therefore putting you at odds with Me?  Do you realize that interpreting reality through the eyes of race makes you a racist?

My Word tells you that there are no distinctions between Jews and Gentiles, slave or freeman, male and female. Have you not read that I do not respect one person over another?  Do you not recall My Way of dealing with being wronged?  “Forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me…” Matt 6:12

Do you not realize that in My Kingdom the victim is required to forgive for the sake of his own well being?  I am not requiring you to apologize for who I made you to be.  You should be happy about who you are in every way.  But, I do want you to know that your color doesn’t make you more privileged or less privileged in My eyes.  “Fallen man” measures himself by external means, but I measure man based on being “ covered by the blood…”

The second problem I have is that you have put a man above Me to solve your perceived problems of being a “defeated poor black victim”.  Why do you look to “fallen man” to solve your problems?

You look to black leaders to represent you regardless of their beliefs, character, or how they live; just as long as they are black. You support a man whose entire belief system is diametrically opposed to every value written in the My Word.

I am going to list some of these problems that I have with you so that you see them clearly.

1. Over ninety five percent of you are supporting a man in the White House who advocates the murdering of babies.  One of the first things he did was to reverse a ban that allowed taxpayer money to go to Mexico earmarked for killing the most innocent of all My Children.  This man, too, is on the record as supporting the killing of a babies born in a botched abortion.

2. You support a man who is on the record for limiting, and in some cases, ridding law-abiding  Americans from owning firearms.  What interest would your government have in disarming you?  Would you be suspicious if your neighbor wanted you unarmed?

3. You support a man who believes in stealing wealth from those who have worked hard their whole lives and giving it to whom he chooses.  Yes, through the tax code he taxes some at a much higher rate than others.  You may say, “What’s wrong with that?” Let me ask you a question.  Would you want to pay more for your movie ticket than the guy in line in front of you and the one behind you?  And does My Word support this?

4. You support a man who has been mentored by and aligned himself with Communists.  This is by his own admission!  He has sat on their boards and has been endorsed by them.

  • Bill Ayers: Noted Communist, convicted terrorist, and member of the Weathermen Underground.  All of these people believe that there is no God, that I don’t exist!
  • Frank Marshall: Identified by the FBI as a member of the Communist Party U.S.A.  He is also mentioned in Barak Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father”,  as one of his mentors.
  • Alice Palmer: Member of the U. S. Peace Council, a front organization and affiliate of the Soviet World Peace Council.
  • Bernadine Dohrn: Member of the Weathermen Underground.

5. You support a man who when visiting Georgetown University requested that they cover all statues of Jesus and the symbol IHS, which symbolizes the name of Jesus. (CNS NEWS.com, April 15, 2009)

Are your loyalties to Me or to a black man simply because he is black without consideration of his alignment with My precepts, My Standards, and My Ways?

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