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Dear freedom lovers and friends of CUPA,

Thanks to all who responded to the call to take a righteous stand regarding Council Bill 2013-323. This bill (aka the anti-feeding bill) was tabled for one year at last night’s meeting.  There was a great outcry from the Church of Springfield during the first and second reading of the bill prior to the scheduled vote last night.  There were many phone calls and emails that contributed to the effort.  That outcry coupled with the signatures of pastors, Christian community leaders, and Christian businessmen and women brought a temporary victory.  This is a testament to the power of proclaiming righteousness in the political marketplace.

The council’s next step is for the city’s “Park Central Square Task Force” to counsel with those who serve the poor and homeless to address the concerns.  We need to be mindful that it was the Task Force that recommended this ordinance.  I do not believe that we should leave the Task Force with the privilege of packaging conclusions for the Church.  With that being said, the Church should be proactive by forming a task force to report its own findings directly to the City Council or to make recommendations to the Park Central Square Task Force.

There are several pastors who have already committed to serve in this capacity.  I believe there should be a larger group participating to have a greater impact.  If you are a pastor and cannot put more on your plate, please consider sending a representative to be a voice for your congregation.

If you are interested in having a part in this, please email me at

Thanks again and may God bless you.


Calvin Morrow, Executive Director

CUPA (Christians Uniting For Political Action)

888-832-4316 office


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