Missouri 2016 Voter Guides

Oct. 24, 2016  

Dear Missouri Pastor We are providing Missouri Voter Guides for the members of your congregation.  This is an important election.  The Church is in the crosshairs of some political operatives.  Christians have a responsibility to vote.

You will be happy to know that these voter guides are prepared for distribution in 501c3 organizations and Political Action Committees.  They are educational in purpose.  We have included links to organizations whose goal is to inform and motivate Christians to vote from a Biblical point of view as best as they can.  Feel free to make copies for distribution and/or email these links to your congregants.

Missouri Alliance for Freedom (Guide for ballot initiatives and propositions)http://www.missourifreedom.com/news/equip-yourself-get-mo%E2%80%99s-2016-ballot-measures-right

Missouri Right to Life (Endorsements of candidates by districts)http://www.missourilife.org/mrl_pac/2016mrl_pac_general_%20ends_%20nov.pdf

Constitutional Coalition (Bios of candidates and party platforms)http://constitutionalcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Election_2016.pdf

Missouri Renewal Project (Voter guide for statewide candidates)http://missouriprayengagevote.com/

Vote to protect religious liberty and may God bless you. 




Calvin Morrow Executive Director,

Christians Uniting for Political Action


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