Hey, You Can't Have a Litmus Test!!

Hey you can’t have a litmus test!! This is the Liberal mantra designed to corral us all into the pig pen of group think. It’s all done in the name of fairness, inclusiveness, sensitivity and all around ”Here’s how I want you to think,” political correct nonsense. The only people groups told that they can’t have a litmus test for their leaders are Christian conservatives. Even though we are obviously different you will hardly notice it over the loud chorus of our silence. They tell us that if you want someone who believes in creation and absolute truth, then he is a zealot and a bigot. If he is against abortion, homosexual marriage, pornography, generational theft by politicians and three headed monsters then he’s too narrow and is disqualified from serving the real people. In addition to that, those types of prehistoric views could offend the real people. Of course they don’t say “real people”, but there is an implied norm and Christian conservatives are not portrayed as normal.On the other hand if we want to visit the land of OZ and be accepted in liberal circles, the first yellow brick is to declare that there is no God and no absolute truth. After that everything else falls into place; gay marriage, rights to an abortion, acceptance of political plunder, sex with everything and anything that makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. If you believe these things, then you are part of the in crowd. The liberal pundits put forth their litmus test for everyone before endorsing them, whether they are a politician, singer, actor, athlete or freak. Somehow they can see a Christian conservative’s litmus and be blinded to any notion that a liberal could possess such a horrible thing. The dirty little secret is that this anti-litmus code was written for Christians and not liberals, democrats, socialists, or communists. If you hold to Judeo-Christian values you are in the minds of liberals on the same level as a sex offender. You can’t come within one hundred miles of the market place of ideas. Their litmus test simply says, “No conservatives allowed.” These are the same people who demand free speech for everyone but conservatives.

When are we as conservatives going to start vetting leaders and issues more thoroughly? When are you going to stop laying eggs like Scott Brown from Massachusetts? What if conservatives had a litmus test for a biblical tax, one that doesn’t tax its citizens unequally?  When one party is taxed less than the other it produces a loyal subject and an unwilling victim. In addition to that a tax that is limited to income and not property, therefore preserving the ability to pass on an inheritance to our children. What’s wrong with having leaders with a biblical conscience? The Bible says that when the wicked rule the people mourn. When the righteous rule the people rejoice. What an amazing equation. Where do you get righteous leaders? From the crowd that believes in everything but God? How long will we sit on the sidelines of the marketplace of ideas not thoroughly engaging the great conversation? How long will we permit the wicked to rule us? There are over sixty million evangelicals, not counting the millions of cultural Christians.  Roughly 15 million voted in the 2008 election and nearly half weren’t registered. Christian conservatives are by far the largest single demographic. Liberals know this fact and it’s potential. Is there any wonder why they don’t want you to have a litmus test?

Calvin Morrow
President, CUPA
Christians Uniting for Political Action

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