A good friend of mind said that,” If we can get past the brethren we can engage the enemy”.  If Todd Akin shot himself in the foot with his recent comments on the abortion issue, then it’s fair to say that the GOP, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Sara Palin, John Ashcroft, Mr. Blunt and a host of others shot him in the head.  None of the people represented the voters of Missouri; they represented liberal media and the GOP establishment.  What Todd said, in reality didn’t amount to a hill of beans, but the media made it a mountain, and the leaders on our side joined them.

This was a sad day for several reasons.  When the conservative media forget that they have made incredible inroads into mainstream media and backslide into being fearful of how liberals portray them, then it’s a sad day.  Are they so naïve to think that the left won’t try to knock down the next potential candidate?  Where will they stand then? We don’t know.

If the GOP and Conservative talkers would have put one fourth of the energy that they put into trying to run Todd out of town, into supporting him, he might have had a ten point lead in the polls this morning.  Instead they took their cues from the liberals and marched in unison off the edge of the cliff.   Be forewarned, we the Tea Party of Missouri will not follow.  We don’t need others to do the thinking for us.  We are free men and free women.  We appreciate good leadership from those in positions of influence; but this wasn’t leadership.  This was an insult to the good people of Missouri.  We don’t care what the liberal media says, and neither should our leaders.

Todd Akin was out spent ten to one and won.  That win was another victory for the Tea Party.  When Todd Akin defeats Claire McCaskill it will send a strong signal to the GOP establishment.  They will have the choice of working out in the open with the Democrats to defeat conservatives or change their tune.  The Tea Party candidates are quickly replacing the old guard and it won’t be long before the transformation is complete.  Todd Akin is a very attractive candidate to the voters, because he wasn’t GOP approved; of course their support would have been welcomed, but so be it as it may.

Todd Akin is by all reasonable measurements is rock solid, therefore I urge all Missourians to gird up your loins.  Find ten unregistered friends and get them registered and bring them to the polls in November to vote for Todd Akin.

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